Even Moderate Drinking May Dull Aging Brain

You can find thousands of studies on alcohol
I have read many although I don’t care much – don’t drink- no skin in the game.
A slight majority said 1-2 drinks per day are beneficial but 3 or more are worse than zero alcohol. With red wine being the most healthy.
Depends on gender, age, size, lifestyles, etc.

There are big differences between drinks and who is doing the drinking. Benefits are not due to the alcohol but what is in the drink besides alcohol.
Plants have thousands of chemicals and drinks have lots of those chemicals dissolved in it.
Drinks often have been developed with the goal of getting more healthy chemicals. Medicines.

Rich people often drink the healthier stuff such as expensive French Wines.
Poor winos drink thunderbird fortified wines which is high alcohol and sugar with little of the good chemicals. Better off without it.
Colt 45 and other malt liquor also cheap, used by poor.
Beer in general has lots of carbo empty calories in addition to the alcohol leading to beer belly. Many cheap drinks probably have many harmful chemicals and additives.
Expensive more organic and natural with smart rich people drinking who can tell the difference.

If you study rich people in New York City drinking expensive French Wines, Martinis with gin, vermouth, olive, pimento
while they are eating expensive healthy Chinese or French food then you will probably find they live longer.
They have the best medical care available and lots of exiting jobs and entertainment in the big city. Even poor people in the big city have some of these advantages. I could tell you hundreds of stories about San Francisco poor people.

If you study poor people drinking beer, colt 45, thunderbird in the poor rural areas that are ravaged by drug addiction with no jobs and hospitals closed down doctor shortage then they will die younger.
They also are likely go over the 2 drink limit and go to 3, 4, or more while watching TV and eating junk food because nothing else to do and alcohol is cheaper than drugs.

Epidemiological studies will find it hard to separate out all the confounders. But it is easy to collect data and do such studies.
And it is easy to write them up for news outlets and blogs.
I will continue to read studies to add to my general knowledge but not place a lot of faith without a serious study of the issue.

Probably better to look at the chemistry.
I don’t recall any good studies that detail beneficial effects of alcohol on any bodily biochemical process.
Alcohol does cause intoxication which is enough reason to avoid it without overwhelming evidence for some particular benefit.

Coffee studies are similarly difficult.
I feel better after organic decaf than real coffee.
I feel better after grape juice than wine.
I suspect most drinkers are after the caffeine alcohol psychedelic effects than any health benefits.
Both are a source of processed water that may be better than tap water the only benefit?

> Joe doesn’t this contradict the videotaped two hour speech given by a Berkeley professor you Emailed a couple of years ago? Speaker contended 3 or fewer drinks a day increased longevity over non-drinkers. Dr Michael Savage contends the same. >
> “Jo wrote:
>> Avoid alcohol that is fermented sugar slightly processed by yeast. Goes to liver same as sugar where is converted to small grainy cholesterol that sandpapers your arteries – inflammatory calcification causes stroke heart attack high blood pressure. Sugar or alcohol feeds cancer. Causes dementia. >>
>> Stay sober in case SHTF at any moment.
>> Use brain for thinking not drinking drunk.
>> My life total 1 gallon.
>> I hate alcohol.
>> Native Americans different chemistry do not handle alcohol well. >> Eat bison herbs nuts berries roots mushrooms. Etc.
>> No grains or fermentables.
>> No grain brain dementia.
>> 1 study rather long time period:
>> http://www.webmd.com/brain/news/20170606/even-moderate-drinking-may-dull-the-aging-brain


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