popeye spinach, high speed vegetables

In the summer canned vegetables are easier to deal with –
pre-cooked so don’t heat up the house so much cooking.
Eat fast and run.
I also like raw carrots – fast peel, wash, eat and run.
Or juices even faster, no cook, help with hydration and cooling too.
I rarely have time to sit and eat, have to eat standing to get out the door fast.
I cut back my walking to around 77 miles per week due to lack of time.

In the 1960s I was taught “the greener the better”

Spinach one of the most healthy foods.

Actually all the bright colored vegetables contain polyphenols that are useful as antioxidants and all sorts of bodily chemical processes including gene expression.

The polyphenols give the vegetable its bright colors.

Popeye had the right idea – 1 can of spinach per day to boost strength in general.
Chop raw garlic on top and add vinegar.


Vitamins Juices Aronia

As one gets older it gets harder to absorb vitamins from foods. And it can be hard to get enough of the right foods.

I take a multi vitamin.
Many brands are available at groceries and pharmacies.
I get one that is not too strong.
Some are specific for older males.

Then I take additional C, D, and E especially when stressed or tired. I chew all vitamin pills like a food to make sure they ready to absorb properly.

I also take cod liver oil for additional D and fish oil that is very important for brain health. I also take wheat germ oil for additional variants of Vitamin E. I also drink lots of fruit juice for additional variants of Vitamin C.

I also take powdered magnesium citrate that tastes good, like powdered Vitamin C. Good mixed with fruit juice.
Tropicana orange juice with pulp.
Welchs grape juice.
V-8 juice.

Aronia is a great juice if you can find it – a cheap hardy Native American bush in the eastern rain forest states. But Aronia is sour so gets mixed with sweeter juice blends.
Supposedly Aronia is the best source of polyphenols.
In general the darker the juice the more the polyphenols.

Stores are loaded with juices.
But be sure it is 100% juice and not watered down with cheap GMO sugar and salt.

Juices are easy to deal with
and cool and refreshing in hot summer after long exercise.
Supposedly the fructose can go directly into depleted muscles. High speed meal and recovery.

Also frozen berries are good in the summer.
I miss the huge quantities of blackberries growing wild in Coastal Northern California, Oregon, etc.

Easier than dealing with large dirty melons and grapes and tropical fruits
flown in from countries that do not have strict pesticide herbicide chemical rules and regulations.

I usually load up on seasonal fruits all summer
but moving to juices for faster speed and less mess and better portion control.
It is hard to stop eating a watermelon until I get too much of it and slop up the counter and floor then have to store the rest in refrigerator making a mess in there too.

Juice machines are also troublesome.
Pre bottled juices a practical solution for speed and convenient way to get lots of vitamins and polyphenols.



Return all Germans to Germany.
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Socialism: Anti Trump Hostility – Propaganda Continues…Der Spiegel

Socialism: Anti Trump Hostility – Propaganda Continues…Der Spiegel

Clash of Socialism vs. Capitalism-FREEDOM !

( the former ‘RED’ DDR experienced same clash with, then Capitalist-Free West-Germany. (People have forgotten…..got socialist ‘vermerkelt’)
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