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Control sheeple, stock market Value, bitcoin, FAANG QE quantitative easing bailout

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I was trying to reply to your mail on VIX volatility.
I clicked on something and the mail disappeared.
I cannot find it in the junk folder or trash can that Apple is good on saving stuff. Lost forever?

Computers are getting much worse than 20 years ago.
That would have never happened 20 years ago.
I use 4 or more computers per day but less on each than in the past. Each is quirky and dangerous.
I am increasingly disengaged from computers that silicon valley destroyed. Nearly giving up on computers.
All I need is 1 good typewriter now to write some books.

I am also increasingly disengaged from the economy.
Financial system is a mess destroyed by big banks and Wall Street Crooks.

I wrote up a summary:

QE Quantitative Easing bailed out and pumped trillions $ into big banks New York City etc.
Those banks can “loan” dollar$ to anybody they want and give themselves fat bonuse$ for that “work” and buy politicians for legislation and rules to do what they want.

FAANG (aka Hollywood, San Francisco, Silicon Valley California) Facebook

sheeple surveillance tracking disinformation companies get $ IPO and other funding $
to force addict sheeple fantasy social control junk food electronic bread and circuses Deflate health and wealth, fleece sheeple.
FAANG do not need to make money to achieve these worthy goals
although it would be good if they do make $ to help keep Ponzi going longer and help rich get richer.
Hence outrageous CAPE cyclically adjusted price earnings ratios on FAANG type stocks.

Ideally prices on stocks would be higher for stocks with higher earnings or at least expected earnings. But as we learned in the dot com boom 1999 and subprime loans 2006
total idiots and crooks were funded for ideas that had 0 chance to make real profits.
Bankers made money big bonuses off liar loans and IPOs sold to idiots just like bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrencies today. A fool is soon separated from his money.

Work for and invest in good solid ethical companies.
Always look for a long history of earnings and increasing dividends over time. P/E around 15 is average? depending on risk and cycle
CAPE cyclically adjusted price earnings ratio.
If P/E is too inflated don’t buy it.
Ancient financial literature on the “yield effect” is that cheap, deflated stocks with low P/E have greater returns over time. (Low P/E is high yield E/P)
Irrational sheeple get fleeced as electronics herd them into the trap of high price news hyped inflated stocks high P/E.

More rational stock and bond prices rise and fall together in response to interest rates that is in the denominator of the discounted present value equation.

Stocks have somewhat more risk and lower dividend rates

Bonds have less risk and interest rates tend to be higher than dividend rates.

Professional investment education helps avoid greed, bubbles, short term data and focus on long term data.

Professionals study herd movements and make profits off herd movements to the extent that the herd can be forecast. Called market timing.
Buy low, sell high.
Fleece the sheeple buy buying cheap stocks.
Later when the stocks boom sell out before the peak of the bubble.

Many bubbles are caused by the Federal Reserve and related macro policies.

Well publicized but not understood by uneducated sheeple in the herd

Sheeple can’t do simple math but follow deranged narratives by oral intercourse artists on TV, radio, electronics.

stop MS Multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s

Mental activity helps maintain brain health.Read a book, turn off TV radio noise distractions.
Physical exercise grows the brain if you get enough cholesterol.
Brain connections are made out of cholesterol.
Sun on skin makes Vitamin D out of cholesterol.
Sex hormones are made out of cholesterol.
Cholesterol is in all cells, especially concentrated brain and heart.

If you do not get enough cholesterol and sun
you may change gender,
get MS,
lose your mind Alzheimers Autism Aphasia ADHD,
shoot up a school or casino Cruz, Paddock.

Government conspiracy to get you to eat less cholesterol and avoid sunshine as well documented.
Elites want to cause trouble and frighten sheeple to watch the liberal news media ads and get sicker to support
Obamacare medicare industrial establishment
big pharma get richer and richer kill pill bill $$$$
wealth and health deflation your assassination

Bright sun in Las Vegas is good for health if you get outdoors enough around noon if not too much smog.

Mitochondria energy centers in all cells get energized by sun light in addition to food.
You are a big solar cell.
Sun penetrates deep, some rays go right thru you like an airport scanner.

May be what is keeping her going, your young lady friend.

Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins, cholesterol,…
I boil my eggs to kill off all germs salmonella, etc.
Unfortunately I don’t like eggs very much
I can take 1 egg a day on average.
Sometimes if hungry or sore I can eat 6 eggs
Usually I skip eggs most day although they are very cheap around here often $4.00 for big box of 60 but price swings wildly.
30 cents per dozen sometimes.

I occasionally take a Vitamin D pill 1000 but often forget.
I do try to take a multiple vitamin daily that has 1000 of D too
If sore or beat I take powdered Vitamin C but not too much as it interferes with sleep and winds me up too much.

I try to take Magnesium Citrate powder daily which is good for mood and all health.
Everybody is deficient in Magnesium why they go crazy and shoot guns.
Also everybody needs more Lithium also good for brain and mood why they go crazy bipolar shoot guns.
Soils are depleted of Lithium and Magnesium nowadays and other nutrients so mental illness rampant.

Cod Liver oil the most important supplement everybody needs to counter inflammation everybody’s oils are screwed up these days high inflammation diet bread, sugar, flour vegetable oils.
High Power Oils Proven for professional athletes, olympic athletes, epilepsy, and brain diseases.
Requires special lab test to do right,
Often you need huge quantities of cod liver oil if you are really sick MS Alzheimers arthritis etc.
Many good books on the subject.
Study the history of snake oil in England the best source.

From: Ruthe

I work with a girl with MS.
She is an amazingly hard worker.


On Sunday, February 18, 2018 4:18 PM, joe wrote:

Special cod liver oil

May boost immune system too

Malfunctioning immune system

I am reading appendix in other book.

Very hard to understand.

Bio chemistry.

Does work for MS Alzheimer’s epilepsy adhd autism neurological.

Sesame oil helps too.