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Move to California beach: Fires, Record Debt, & Exploding Homeless

I just got a new iphonewill try to use it for email instead of android gmail
tethering imac to iphone
seems more aesthetic than tethering an imac to android
apple seems better than google but costs 5? times as much $

UCSB classes cancelled today due to fires
Closest to the beach, college campus
Almost moved there in 2000 but small noisy riotous social college town too far from city cannot think with so much noise spoiled brat rich college students.

UC San Diego the second closest college to the beach and a better city.
But not easy to walk to the beach or find a good apartment expensive short supply.

UCLA a little farther from the beach but very good location with everything you can want in a city especially if you want to become a movie star.

Really nothing competitive in Texas, Florida, or anywhere else except Hawaii.

Hawaii has the best weather and beaches and ok business and university.
But university and business not as good as California, Texas, Florida or the east coast and everything costs triple.

South Carolina probably the most competitive beach to Hawaii
with more white people and
better business
east coast access
and relatively low prices.
Some white/black ill will
but probably not as racist as Japanese and Asians who often do not hide their prejudices

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Cod liver oil. The greatest wealth is health : ifos carlson clo – 63811573.pdf

The greatest wealth is health

Omega 3 6 balance is very important
But everybody is off maybe by a factor of 10 or 100 or 1000 or more
Huge factor in all the modern diseases as prescribed by big governments and corporations.

Most modern processed food contains lots of vegetable oil.
Inflammatory, autoimmune
Destroys every organ in your body over the years by silent inflammation. You cannot feel it until something goes bad wrong.
Can correct by eliminating most vegetable oils – especially GMO corn soy Add Omega 3 fish oil.
Most fish oil is toxic, dangerous.
Some is life saving.
Can reverse disease processes in a month by normalizing hormones. But must search carefully for good fish oil.
ifos fish oil international survey university labs tests the good stuff. dozens of good brands.
hundreds of bad brands.
Don’t take vitamin D pills – use sunshine and cod liver oil.

My big mistake, not enough of the right oils.
Need more Omega 3 as in cod liver oil.
I have been aware of this problem for years but used
too little of too weak oils
and not enough oil.
But I accidentally did much right
I never bought margarine and only 1 or 2 jars of corn soy oil and no processed foods, fries, tater tots, etc. junk although I got some in restaurants cafeterias accidentally. So I got no obvious problems today
but have mild inflammation and aged faster than I should have. Also overtraining in sports I got inflammation.

You need huge amount of fish oil to reverse Alzheimers Multiple Sclerosis and the neurological conditions. The hardest to cure.
Drink the liquid not pills.
Seem to read around 10 table spoons a day.
half that 5 table spoons to fix obesity, diabetes, etc.
Smaller amount if you are disease free.
Not clear on the right dose tablespoon or teaspoon? grams vs ounces?

Still reading different sources to get the right info.
Barry Sears is too hard, is phd in biochem wrote over a dozen of books over decades filled with biochemical reactions. He works with professional athletes to get maximum performance legally. All athletes he treated have inflammation.
Can get that down by daily fish oil in the correct doses
and careful measurement of blood fats and hormones.
Biopsy needed to see inside cells what hormone ratios.

Roasted sesame oil is needed too, been used 1000s of years.

Japanese have the best diet / hormones why they live longer. USA is mostly a dietary disaster due to government and corporations.

Go eat in a college cafeteria to see why students are doomed.
ifos carlson clo – 63811573.pdf