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Healthy Hawaii locations by per capita income

Best beaches
Best weather
Best fresh air
Best food
Longest life of any state.
You do not need rich $$$
To live there.
Money is the root of all evil
Live cheap
Enjoy life
good medical VA and medical college. Many doctors and clinics and hospitals.
But best to cook right and exercise to stay healthy.
Save car cost by walk.
Eat free fruit falling all over get paid to clean it up.



Ancestry genes $ pay a lot or Get rich machines

It costs thousands of dollar$. Pay in cash to do it anonymously don’t let them get your license plate numbers, scan your face, iris, fingerprints, SSN, IDs or anything personally identifiable. Drive directly to the lab to give your sample, pay in cash, and get your number. Return a month later with that number to get your genes, a huge file on a DVD-ROM. Be sure to get mitochondrial DNA and X chromosome and Y chromosome sequenced for additional cost$.

Then pay thousands $ more for software to analyze your genes. Probably will not work well even then because you need the same huge files on millions of people around the world. That work has not been done yet, nor the math or science to do the analysis. You may be able to buy some reference individuals files but not enough for reliable results.

First start with your own family. If the software says you are not related to your family then the labs mixed your sample with other peoples samples or you are not running the software right or it has a bug. Much of the math and science or software has not been done. Ancestry analysis is less accurate than genetic disease analysis which is often not useful either.

Best do this work yourself if your local university has the right machines. Take the right classes to get access to the machines and learn how to use them (easier and safer than driving trucks and pays better). First practice on everybody you know – sequence their genome. If you know foreigners you can make out some difference between your genes and their genes that may be useful. Probably is a website that you can download genomes from people in other countries but probably expensive but maybe your university already paid for some of that research.

If you take enough classes and do enough work then you can start a business. It will take 10 or 20 years before you will be able to buy or sell accurate results for less than $1000. Huge deflation but much work needs to be done and machines manufactured and delivered to your lab. Resist the temptation to selling fake Ancestry results to sheeple based on incomplete results or no facts at all. Sell correct results and get rich $$$$$$

First step is to get a copy of your genome on DVD-ROM and all your relatives.

Then run software until you are sure the those similarities and differences
match what you see for your relatives.

If the software cannot account for people you know
then it will not work for people you don’t know.

fires burn Sonoma homes, death toll hits 38

More dead than Las Vegas shootings if the can find the bodies.

Quit wine. Convert vineyards overgrown land into pasture sheep goats cows bison bear lion wolf …. Stolen from native Americans and made a mess.

Move white trash and illegals into steel towers in big cities in their homelands where they can be sober safe happy exercise more eat better foods and exercise walk instead of driving in Wine country Calistoga Napa Sonoma.

Illegals will rebuild massive money laundering schemes FEMA tax money waste.


beach sun warm winter health fun

We are 88/66 today great weather all year so far. Beautiful green forest pumping oxygen into the air I keep fan running all night blowing in natural organic air microbes to coat all walls, carpets, furniture with life giving probiotics. I am still looking to move in March to a better professional location and hopefully beach or high altitude.

Location is essential to health and brain function. High altitude bright sun is good in the summer but too cold in the winter so move to the beach for winter. Galveston Texas is reasonably warm, surrounded by beaches and the only large Medical College Hospital on the Beach not so crowded and expensive as UCLA. One hour drive to Texas Medical Center the world’s largest medical center in Houston. Texas Zero income tax booming economy 4 feet of rain Hurricane Harvey hiccup but not stop the economy may boom even faster. Florida has lots of warm beaches for winter. Hawaii is the best.

Ads for some interesting beaches you may not have considered but with problems they do not tell you about such as crowded Hepatitis San Diego feces Los Angeles hypodermic needles in the sand and incessant cold foggy worthless tuberculosis hiv aids San Francisco beaches:

move Best Beaches for Fitness (According to Foursquare) | Shape Magazine.pdf

Las Vegas Shooter $ source Money Laundering Drugs Guns

Suspicious person Paddock Las Vegas shooter lots of fake news?

Big fat belly, alcoholic, junk food eater, grain brain dementia.
Lived in the dark blasted by electronics avoided sun, slept in the day.
Lived near sin city Las Vegas in Nevada founded on vice.
Gambler addict on drugs.
A recipe for disaster.
Probably Lifelong Criminal
Lots of cash, not much education easy major in college
IRS employee a few years long enough to learn money laundering,
Apartment buildings a great money laundering opportunity.
CIA $? Obama black Muslim Nazi conspiracy?
He was going crazy so they had to get rid of him and show that white trash are worse than Muslims.
Too much gunfire for 1 person and too accurate for an old fart on drugs?
Why don’t they turn off the lights when shooting begins so he cant hit anybody?
Then kill the shooter with crossbow using muzzle flash to locate him?

Nobody makes money gambling for long except for the Casino.
Casinos know all the whales, system guys, etc. and block you if you find a good system.
He had a source of $ to support his gambling, prostitutes, guns, travel,…
Foreign bank accounts, corporations?
Hard to make much on real estate unless he got lucky
(need property records to see timing and nature of his gains).
How did he grow up teenager in nice rich valley home while his father was wanted by FBI?
Multi-generational crooks know all the ways to get lots of cash illegally without IRS taxes etc.
Huge illegal money laundering in real estate so can easily live rich if they are crooks.
Probably he was gun trafficker and drug dealer kingpin too.
Girl friend from a human trafficking country maybe $ there in prostitution.
Can keep oneself out of jail by mostly financial transactions in cash that are not traceable.
Money laundering is easy in any business that uses lots of cash – hotels, apartments, condo rentals, brothels, drugs, restaurants, construction, etc.
Wikipedia has his lackluster biography with footnotes.
Worked for IRS and for a time audited defense companies –
red flag, learn tricks of crooks.
Then he owned low end rentals.
Easy to launder money and/or drugs.
Rent can be cash or drugs from drug dealers and
drug addicts who will pay extra for ready access to drugs,
lax rules for addicts,
drive out whistleblowers by selective enforcement of rules.
Similar prostitutes and whoremongers.
Mark rent up on leases but don’t force renters to pay, give discounts for "services" off the books.
Learn to like talking to scumbags and learn some new tricks.
Buy and sell used cars, trucks, motorcycles, for cash, hire renters to fix them up, or pay cash to legit auto service, dealers, paint, etc.
Lots of cash to deposit in bank: rents, kickbacks, etc.
Pay contractors in cash to paint, carpet, keep the property looking nice.
Pay utilities in cash include in contract to make legit.
Pay taxes in cash, money orders, etc.
Same for any city fees, fines, state licenses, crooked cops, crooked inspectors, etc.

Pay in cash or drugs to all these local suppliers, crooked and legit.
Pay real checking account money to your foreign shell corporations.
Show nice accounting statements that shows a little profit.
IRS will be happy to get your understated profits and no way to see the truth.
Eventually sell for big fat capital gain to some hedge fund idiot investors.
Repeat for multiple properties in multiple states.
Move around so you don’t get shot or alert the cops.

Can be quite profitable if all you do is money laundering.
But more profitable if you can get drugs cheap directly from sources in Afghanistan, Mexico, etc.
Travel overseas, develop connections.
Set up shell corporations in corrupt countries.
They can be suppliers to your rental operations and help on paying foreign drug suppliers.
Write a check to your shell company and that all that $ goes into your foreign bank accounts.

We know there are huge drug imports from Afghanistan, Mexico, etc.
Also much US$ welfare foreign aid to corrupt dictators and crooks in poor countries.
And opposite flows of money that often is laundered to look legit in USa.
Money pays for fancy condos in Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, etc.
Paddock is just 1 of many crooks who benefitted from so much crime.

USA must get serious about accounting.
Much crime can be prevented by proper paperwork.
Current systems do not cross check transactions so no way for IRS, FBI, cops to catch crooks.
Where did the shooter get his money?
Real estate transactions, rental income, etc.
Where is the paperwork?
Audit cannot find much now decades after he did the crimes for cash in multiple states and Nazi shell corporations in corrupt countries.

Hurricanes are huge money laundering opportunities.
Most Texas Florida real estate is built by illegal aliens funded by drug money and other schemes.
Dallas Fed president said he had truckloads of cash ready to fund rebuilding immediately after the Hurricane that dumped 4 feet of rain in Houston.
Politicians give money to dictators and crooks who launder that money into NYC Miami, LA, SF condos; big fancy Texas houses, small crummy expensive California houses, etc.
some money even trickles into the poor barrios and rural areas.

Good accounting can prevent a lot of crime.

Give a lot of cash to big fat slob addict dementia junk food eater may buy guns and shoot himself and maybe a lot of other people too.
Need a military draft to force idle rich unemployed criminals into productive activity before they can do much crime.
Force them to eat vegetables instead of junk food.
Would not need Obamacare either.
Mentally healthy people eat better and do not get sick so much from modern junk food diseases.
Mentally healthy people can do real work that will improve the economy,
not just buy guns, emergency rooms, morticians, drugs, ammo, prostitution, gambling, big houses in remote areas where sheeple cannot be protected and utilities provided after hurricanes.
Puerto Rico needs to be converted to farming with few people in safer places with no structures that will be blown away in the next hurricane and waste of taxpayer money fixing the stupid mess.
Modern farming needs few people.
Move the sheeple to Detroit where they can be kept alive by the few quality engineers USA is producing nowadays.
Return the rural areas to natural ecosystem before 1492 clean, organic, healthy with few people but healthier legal natives not invaders.
Cannot have a fair society founded by thieves who will steal, shoot, pollute, addict until they destroy everything.

Gun clean Re: Just curious

> Joe,
>        I think you are on to something. The “official” narrative changes constantly.  Now the head of Mandalin Bay questions the LE explanation. Notice the FBI head was standing next to the sheriff when he spoke? Making sure he doesn’t delve off the official narrative. Have been a “gun guy” for 30 years. Gunowners with that many guns do not as a rule take them to the gunstore for cleaning. They treasure and fawn over them. James Wesley Rawles (former military intelligence), Robert David Steele, and Dr. Steve Piescenki (both retired CIA) believe Paddock was set up as the “patsy”. The purpose and agenda for this event was revealed when there was a immediate request for the banning of “bumps stocks before any details emerged. At the 1000 yd. distances involved ‘bumpstocks” would be highly inaccurate. 
> Ron

>> If you can’t figure out how to clean a gun then you should not own it.
>> Maybe nuclear radiation x-rays or some special sauce I never heard of?
>> I think he was a gun smuggler. Drug kingpin. Mone launderer.
>> Why he had so much money without a job.
>> My sister lives in Las Vegas and works near the site.
>> On Oct 10, 2017 12:22 PM, Bob wrote:
>> >
>> > Still puzzled here. A week ago we heard he wasn’t a gun guy, bought a rifle and shotgun in Mesquite. Then after a few days “he’d been building an arsenal for decades.” I know a lot of gunnies and nobody ever mentioned taking their “guns” back to the shop for cleaning. Yeah, I realize he’s rich and might be a lazy SOB but it doesn’t fit.
>> >
>> > Would welcome any feedback on frequency of this (to me, unusual) practice.
>> >
>> > Thanks, BB
>> >
>> >  
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Paddock, an avid gun owner, was known to come into the firearms store on a regular basis — typically to have his rifles cleaned, according to Sullivan.
>> >
>> > So it wasn’t alarming that he was looking to add another to his already massive weapons cache.
>> >
>> > “He was a very active shooter, he shot a lot. He owned a lot of guns, a lot of AR-15 style rifles. We did a lot of gun cleaning for him. I’ve cleaned pretty much every gun he owns,” Sullivan said. “Unfortunately, a couple of those guns were used in that hotel room.”