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CA Fire Water drought civil war vs USA rain forest ecosystem East Coast

Western USA is hot, dry, fires everywhere getting worse global warming. Poor water quality
Drought, too little water or no water.
Except along the left coast where it is foggy, wet, molds, diseases, depression, mental illness, dementia mycotoxins from molds in nose, sinuses invade brain.
So sheeple smoke pot, drink coffee, watch TV, play games, eat junk food, go crazy transgender neuter self destruct
Houses too large, too far apart, surrounded by trees, bushes, grasses flammables indefensible Fossil fuels drive long just to get food
Fragile long electric lines, gas lines, water lines, phone lines, roads, cell towers, cables,..
Propped up by taxpayer funding, IPO bank loan financing for tracking, hacking, stealing, porn, or other unethical activities
Population on welfare, food stamps, college loans,… selling blood, bodies, or drugs to pay bills
Speaking languages incomprehensible by each other, racist, tribal, jungle culture, conflicts, race wars
Sooner or later will become miserable or not survivable when IPO money dries up after quantitative easing.
And marijuana industry gets taken over by big tobacco cheap $1 for a pack of 20 big pot.
If expensive marijuana is not stolen by illegal Mexicans machine guns before big pot arrives.
Or marijuana just burned up by setting fires to keep the price high and $ flowing to Mexico Afghanistan.

In contrast,
Eastern USA is a huge rain forest
containing the best places for living.
Some areas ruined by Negroes and White Trash and Taxes and Inflation Pick and choose wisely to survive.

End the holocaust now!
Move Jews to Jerusalem
Move Mexicans to Mexico
Move Muslims to Mecca
Move Negroes to Africa
Move Catholics to Rome
Encourage all invaders to immigrate back to their Ancestral Homelands Give them a 100% tax cut if they leave
Forgive student loans, auto loans, home loans, credit cards
Give them medicaid and CHIP and Obamacare overseas
Just get them out of North America
Ventura wildfire rages over 45,500 acres, destroys more than 150 structures, triggers evacuation of .pdf


Move to California beach: Fires, Record Debt, & Exploding Homeless

I just got a new iphonewill try to use it for email instead of android gmail
tethering imac to iphone
seems more aesthetic than tethering an imac to android
apple seems better than google but costs 5? times as much $

UCSB classes cancelled today due to fires
Closest to the beach, college campus
Almost moved there in 2000 but small noisy riotous social college town too far from city cannot think with so much noise spoiled brat rich college students.

UC San Diego the second closest college to the beach and a better city.
But not easy to walk to the beach or find a good apartment expensive short supply.

UCLA a little farther from the beach but very good location with everything you can want in a city especially if you want to become a movie star.

Really nothing competitive in Texas, Florida, or anywhere else except Hawaii.

Hawaii has the best weather and beaches and ok business and university.
But university and business not as good as California, Texas, Florida or the east coast and everything costs triple.

South Carolina probably the most competitive beach to Hawaii
with more white people and
better business
east coast access
and relatively low prices.
Some white/black ill will
but probably not as racist as Japanese and Asians who often do not hide their prejudices

From: Lothar