My first military Photo?

Just found many yearbooks online including some college and high school thanks to internet information age big data
Never saw this photo before.
Dont remember it taken.
Good times, good friends.
All friendly clean moral straight white educated guys I was glad to associate with.
Around here people are similar to what California used to be, fraternities and sororities, WASP elites, ROTC

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Wyoming high dry cool. Zero Income Tax. Pro business. less bugs and vermin.

Ticks inject thousands of germs into you with each bite.
Plants lack immune systems but have thousands of chemicals to fight off insects and their germs.

Eat herbs, spices, teas to get those chemicals to help your immune system to work for you. Traditional medicines of China India teach you what plants to consume. Learn how to cook and prepare those plants to boost you!
Get job in Asian restaurant in Honolulu and take college cooking classes and biochemistry.

People love the high desert southwest because it is sunny with views, aesthetics, dry humidity, low allergens…. Easy to get outdoors even in winter – not much snow.
Also mosquitos and biting flies have trouble to survive without water. Too dry. Too cold at night. Or if a few survive at least can be easily avoided.
Put on long sleeve shirt and pants and go out comfortably at night in summer, jacket in fall, spring, winter. Can take off shirt in sun at noon even in winter.
We used to cool off after 4pm in the summer although only at 2222’ elevation at 10 inches of rain per year with cool air sliding off the 10000’ mountains to the west. Above 4000 start to get jet stream breezes and much cooler weather at night.

You need sun on your skin to make nitric oxide.
Without nitric oxide you will die – heart attack, etc.
Your red blood cells are big – barely squish thru your capillaries. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels so the blood will flow.
Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas used in dentist office anesthetics in old times.
Hunter gatherers don’t need dentists because no sugar and grains to rot their teeth. Paleolithic diet.
Make all the nitric oxide you need in your blood by sun on skin.

Walking helps circulation in addition to Nitric Oxide – keep blood flowing! especially to brain!
People designed to exercise all day, not sit driving, watching TV, computer, etc. Grow the brain and body.

Terrible mosquitos in Alaska Minnesota and high altitude areas with snow melt, rain, lakes…
Mosquitos need stagnant water, warm enough, and no fish to eat the mosquito larvae in lakes.

South Dakota is lower elevation, flatter, wetter, with huge industrial agriculture pesticides GMO etc.
Wyoming has less of these problems – higher dryer with little agriculture GMO herbicides, etc. Most of Wyoming is drier than Honolulu which is semi-arid like Los Angeles.

But Wyoming has huge coal and extractive industries that may pollute some areas. Check particular locations.
Jackson Hole Wyoming popular with rich people, skiers, Obama deep state etc. May be very corrupt sinners.

Southwest WY is Mormon Salt Lake suburbs with NSA government surveillance economy deep state corruption from Washington DC.
Mormons reproduce like rabbits, are young, white, educated, common in universities and government deep state.
Mormons like Jews and enjoy to living on stolen native American land Cheyenne, etc. Probably invaded into Nevada Idaho Wyoming Colorado etc.
Mormons similar to Zionists?

Mormons stash food and have survival strategies but will probably die much sooner than Native Americans and Amish if SHTF

Wyoming spirit, low-drama, tenacious and independent
Life is easier slower in Wyoming
a place where you actually appreciate the sunsets

Wyoming shrinking agricultural small towns median age is above 40 Cheap houses, ranches, etc.

cyclist on a pedestrian bridge downtown Laramie many call Laradise University of Wyoming vegetable wall hanging in downtown Laramie
Wyoming’s dependence on coal and oil money vulnerable to boom-and-bust cycles.

Wyoming – Wikipedia.pdf

Hawaii long life healthy happy. Why:

I don’t think much of vacations.
If you want to experience a place then move there.
It takes years to absorb the culture and learn what makes it tick. Hawaii health probably the result of many factors.
Attitudes and culture hard to quantify.
Beauty makes a big difference, probably.
And the great outdoors readily available year round.
Go shirtless on the beach 365 days per year – can’t do that most places due to weather or in most big cities without attracting stares or the law. This is in addition to well known factors such as clean air, water, food. Hilo has the biggest farmer’s market but there is local food all over. Many areas are quiet, remote but there is the 1 big city that is big enough. Laid back, relaxed, everybody happy makes a big difference.

I have had good results at high altitude Lake Tahoe in the summer. Really feels good for some reason even though thin air, low oxygen.
Probably it is low allergens, mold, dust mites, insects, fleas, cats, dogs, mice…,,, Much more sun at high altitude too that kills off germs so less colds and flu. No flat areas so no stagnant water mosquitos. No flies, etc.

Flagstaff Arizona is far south and high altitude and has university and VA and civilian hospitals.
6900 foot altitude is similar to Lake Tahoe, twice as high as Lubbock Texas 3333 feet. Close to Phoenix huge city with Mayo Clinic and huge university and much else. But Phoenix gets way too hot.
While Flagstaff still gets too cold
The problem is the snow and ice.
Dangerous to walk on.
People stay indoors and eat too much.
Bikini beach culture encourages people to stay in shape.
You get inspected daily in your swimsuit peer pressure.
Hard to find anywhere that is as good as Hawaii for aesthetics and survivability. I have traveled and moved a lot, too much, since age 4

Hawaii is an unlikely place for me.
Too remote, unpopulated, no professional activities…
The only industries are military, tourism, and agriculture.
People talk of “Island fever” loneliness, …
Need to fly to the mainland every year.
But for older people who want to good health, quiet, and time to think then Hawaii may make a lot of sense.
I would not move there as a new college graduate expecting a great career outside of a few fields such as tropical fruit, ag, medical, tourism, trade with Asia, etc. The tall blonde girl that sat next to me in high school physiology did that. Last time I saw her she had a Harvard MBA husband and 2 kids. Still there I guess.

Bob wrote:

I know a couple who go there several times a year and yes, they’re ex-hippies. They love hammocks, food, music etc.
They get the best tickets they can and usually stay 2 or 3 weeks. I guess it just grows on you.


From: joe

I suspect the homeless are happier in Hawaii and live longer than most other places. I read that some localities give homeless a free plane ticket to Hawaii.
Most homeless will eagerly take the ticket to get better outdoor weather and welfare benefits in Hawaii.
I saw many homeless in some areas but not many in other areas, indeed zero in some areas that I would frequent.
If SHTF you want mild weather to survive without heating and cooling equipment.

One can easily inspect the price indexes on cost of living in Hawaii
I went to Hawaii and approximated that the prices are as high as the indexes suggest. That may be one reason that people live longer.
High prices discourage consumption; even block overconsumption.
Excessive eating, buying, shopping, large houses, large cars, etc. are all detrimental to health and survival. High prices are probably are good for health and wealth.

High prices will push you to consume healthier local foods that do not get imported. Part of the goal would be to shed bad mainland consumption habits. Work instead of spend as in the protestant work ethic.

My impression is that the bulk of the population are rather low income relative to the prices paid. So the people seem rather poor.
Houses, cars, and most buildings are worse than around here but cost more.
Also the people may be poorly educated with Universities not up to Mainland standards. But the lower grades may be ok.
It may be hard to get a good fix on education of who is actually on the islands. There does seem to be an upper crust that would skew the statistics.
The University has a lot of Ivy League professors and the Hospitals are highly rated for the same reason.
There will probably be a big gap between the rich white owners and retirees and the bulk of the population. Still they live longer so that would require analysis.
The article pointed out that they are happy.
The good diet and exercise opportunities lead to good health and happiness.
People’s pharmacy this week has a podcast on the importance of outdoors and parks for health.
I suspect that is a big part of it and why rich whites are better off in Hawaii so keep coming. They pay taxes and high prices to live longer in Happy Hawaii. Others may prefer to move to DC to become a dead pundit.

Huffington post founded by Breitbart is a very popular website struggling to provide enough quantity and quality content to survive.
I will often click on Huffpo or similar sites when they come up in google searches before disinformation blogs unless I am searching for disinformation.

The happiness, focus on relationships, laid back, and not worrying was something that I have not seen in most comparisons. So at least it addresses the possibility.
Hard to measure very well, or impossible?
No ready statistics.
I did notice some of these factors on my trip a few years back. I suspect the Huffpo writer is right on looking at those factors.
Consider the less quantifiable in addition to water quality, air quality, hospital quality, college quality, education, crime, disease, death, weather, latitude, longitude, altitude, radioactivity etc. that have better statistics.
Beauty of the views and readily availability of the outdoors are too famous to waste time on research and many photos online by google. Hawaii is a huge outlier on longevity that needs explaining. Maybe even become a live Happy Hawaii pundit instead of a Dead DC pundit.

From: Ron


This is frankly a “puff” piece. No doubt Hawaiians live longer than residents of Miss. No need to apply statistical analysis here. What is their socioeconomic and education level comparisons? Are “focusing on relationships” and “not worrying” more of function of financial security as opposed to simply living in Hawaii? The island of Hawaii has a growing homeless problem on the beaches and in the coastal parks. Were any ot those persons interviewed for this article? Better comparisons could be made to New Zealand, Caribbean, etc. More objective analysis would consider radiation levels from Fukishima or future geopolitical implications (eg North Korea.) Had a friend who retired from the State of California. He moved to Hawaii and returned in two years complaining about high prices and the need to import much. As an aside I do not consider the Huffington Post an objective or credible source.

Just my thoughts,


Jo wrote:

Wyoming high dry cool

Hawaii has the healthiest weather culture food air water.
But Wyoming has Altitude and
zero income taxes
best business environment.
Altitude is closer to the sun so you can get vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, etc. Cool high dry is good for vigorous exercise as I found in Lake Tahoe. University of Wyoming is 7000 foot highest in USA.
High dry WY altitude kills off mosquitos, germs, bugs, snakes, mice, rats,…

Hot climates CA AZ NV forces people to go indoors under fossil fuel air conditioning so don’t get enough sun so people die from Lack of Nitric Oxide, Vitamin D, skin cancer, etc. For good health, Temperature must be relatively mild
You have to go outdoors daily in the sun.
I am exercising in the gyms around here daily which are good workouts but not enough sun and not very aesthetic.
I prefer the great outdoors such as Honolulu, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. Yesterday our high temp in the 70s, cool foggy such as Los Angeles.
I don’t see how people can live in Fresno, Riverside CA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.

Nevada vs Wyoming Incorporation copy.pdf