How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism

White people are being asked—or pushed—to take stock of their whiteness and identify with it more. This is a remarkably bad idea.

By David Marcus

I opened Twitter recently and saw 20+ notifications.

They were celebrating my use of the word “anti-white” in a tweet.

They saw it as a victory that a “mainstream conservative” was using this term that for so long has been their calling card.

They had a point. Until recently I would have been unlikely to use the term. Not because I didn’t believe some people harbored animosity towards whites, but because that was a fringe attitude removed from power, which represented little real threat. That is no longer the case. Progressive rhetoric on race has turned an ugly corner and the existence of “anti-white” attitudes can no longer be ignored.

In the past year, all of the following headlines have appeared, in well-read publications:

The White Guy Problem
White Men Must be Stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends on It I Don’t Know What To Do With Good White People
Ten Things White People Need To Stop Saying
Dear White People: Here’s a List of Things We’d Wish You’d Stop Doing

What is new is the direct indictment of white people as a race.

Facebook Blocks All Natural News Article Posts to 2.2M Fans After Site Posts White House Petition Citing Immunization Dangers – Waking Times Media

Funded by rich 1% establishment.
Staffed by rich 1% establishment.
Big cog in the wheels of the establishment.

No surprise.
Facebook is a deep state conspirator for disinformation
Censor true news.
Spread fake news just like the liberal news media has been doing for decades.
Relay fake news to the sheeple to keep them trapped in their disinformation bubble.

Vaccines dumb down the sheeple.
Make sheeple sick so they will clamor for Obamacare and Medicare drug plans.

Stampede sheeple so they move to middle of nowhere, get bored, buy a gun and shoot themselves, or overdose on opioids.

Facebook Blocks All Natural News Article Posts to 2.2M Fans After Site Posts White House Petition Citing Immunization Dangers

Mike Adams, Natural News Waking Times

In the latest outrageous example of total censorship against the independent media, Facebook has blocked nearly 100 percent of the sharing of articles from Natural News.

It all began when a Natural News story linked to this White House petition demanding a moratorium on childhood immunizations for five years while toxicology experts study the skyrocketing statistics of autism, adverse events and deaths following vaccinations.

Immediately after the story was posted on the Natural News Facebook account — which has over 2.2 million followers — Facebook manually deleted the post and banned nearly all sharing of ALL posts from Natural News.

The White House petition asks for the repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act — the act 0f Congress that granted vaccine companies absolute legal immunity from all the damage and deaths caused by vaccines across America.

This law would be equivalent to granting Big Tobacco total immunity from tobacco lawsuits or granting Monsanto legal immunity from glyphosate cancer lawsuits.

Facebook and Google are trying to silence the vaccine truth movement by destroying Natural News

The Facebook ban was put in place without explanation or justification.

It comes on the heels of Google pushing a six-day blacklisting of the entire domain for a totally fabricated “technical reason” later exposed as nonsense.

Now, Google employees are speaking out about the culture of oppression at the company, as well as Google’s desire to censor all websites that don’t conform to radical Left-wing narratives.

Facebook, of course, never bans the utterly fake news from the left-wing media, including the baseless claims of CNN, NPR and the Washington Post which absurdly hallucinate a Russian conspiracy takeover of the U.S. voting process.

All lies from the left-wing media are not only allowed to be shared on Facebook but are even given priority placement on Facebook users’ pages.

Move to Charlottesville University of Virginia Health System

I have been contemplating for a long time.
Access to DC money in politics 2 hours away.
Southern friendly people.
deep state establishment.
Good medical and culture.
A little snow but overall ok weather.

Beach is 2 hours away.
Engineering​ college 2 hours inland middle of nowhere.
Dumb to split off engineering.

Florida has all university in one place.
Closer beaches and Disney world.
FL bigger but quality not quite as good as VA but still quite good. Hotter summer but warmer winter.
Move out in summer and rent to tourists Disney World. Go north to cool Cape Cod or Maine or Boston. Summers quite nice.

2001: eye exam, improve vision by diet, lifestyle

Doctors will sell you all kinds of expensive “cures” that often make you sicker.
I was offered a medical marijuana prescription in 2001 for glaucoma.
I declined. I have no interest in taking any drugs especially illegal drugs.

Eye health can be improved by diet and lifestyle.
But I would try marijuana before surgery or other modern artificial drugs.

Back then they did not know how to adjust IOP pressures for thick corneas.
My eyes have thick corneas – blue nordic eyes must be thick to protect from cold air.
Jungle people have thinner corneas with temps near 98 degree body temperature needs less insulation.
Blue eyes reflect light so you can see what you are doing in the winter with little or no sun much of the year.

After 17 years not much change in eyes except when using computers too much.
Stay off computer improves vision.
Better diet improves vision.
Natural sunlight improves vision.
Flat screens, ipads, ipods, cell phones are worse than the old CRT screens.
Most vision problems can solve by natural methods or just live with and still see ok.

Date: February 10, 2001

I spent 3 hours at optometrist today for complete exam
Optometrist found:
mild glaucoma hi IOP,
dry eye syndrome,
cold air damage,
a heart murmer.

I was surprised he could tell so much.
Basically my eyes are fairly good
but I need pay attention to diet
and avoid sun
and avoid freezing,
and take lutein, glucosamine sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate. etc.
All sorts of good chemicals are found in vegetables.

Will get 2 kinds of glasses, one for regular use – distance, another for computer.

I should avoid beans, coffee, tea, apples, oranges, and acidic foods.
Avoid sugar, beef, shrimp, lobster
Can lead to high uric acid and arthritis.
My weight gaining diet used lots of beef and sugar — probably caused the gout I had in 1998-99
I am giving up beef anyway.
Mad Cow and all the problems of CAFO modern meat.
Back to normal vegetarian diet.

The cataracts I probably got from the bright sun in Lake Tahoe,
along with the freezing eye problem and
dry eye due to low humidity at high altitude.

Coffee and tea are diuretics and also probably worsen the dry eye syndrome
because I don’t drink much water this time of year.
I quit coffee and tea for the summer anyway… too hot, and will quit again easily.

Allergies are probably unavoidable around here,
but it is the first time I have been diagnosed.
Evidently minor.

Uric acid from sugar, beans and beef causes gout
(forms crystals in the big toe and joints.)

Will often progress to full blown arthritis.

Escape cell radiation in a modern skyscraper

Live high, close to god in a skyscraper.
Steel tube skyscrapers deflect radiation.
Cover windows with aluminum foil to stop it all radiation.
Throw away refrigerator and all electrical appliances.
Eat in restaurants, shower at gym.

In tall steel buildings the problem becomes cell phones will not work!
Even if you want it to!
The buildings block the cell signal.
Get a landline rotary dial phone if you have to call.
Business opportunity!
Get rich!
Get electrical engineering license.
Get a job on how to defeat the problem of no cell phone signal in high rise buildings.

a building can be designed to resist lateral loads by designing it as a hollow cantilever perpendicular to the ground.

the perimeter of the exterior consists of closely spaced columns that are tied together with deep spandrel beams through moment connections.

This assembly of columns and beams forms a rigid frame that amounts to a dense and strong structural wall along the exterior of the building.

I just moved into a new unit at Aura, on the 46th floor and the cell phone reception is pretty terrible!
I have to leave my phone at the window to get calls.
Is this an issue that a lot of people encounter when they live or work high up?
Maybe they still need to install repeaters / antennas at the top of the building?
I had a housewarming the other night, and all the guests seemed to have the same issue, so its clearly not the provider.
Aura, being a much taller addition to the neighbourhood, may need a few adjustments in the way antennae are aimed.

“Cell carriers in all major cities position their cell sites close to the ground because that’s where most of the people are,”

“On the corners of buildings, you’ll see them 20 to 30 feet up, and they’re angled toward the street.”

That doesn’t do you much good, especially if you live on the 30th floor of a high-rise.

Cause #2: Building materials can block radio signals

Tinted windows (especially the ones found on “green buildings”),
and metal
all interfere with cellphone reception —
which is why you can often get more bars if you hold your phone out your window or step onto a balcony.

Is it normal for cell phone reception to taper off as you go higher in a building?
When I toured a model that was on the 30th floor, I had no service.

If you want cell service on the 30th floor you may have to mount an outside antenna.
Before I did that I would test every cell phone in Chicago for reception in that building.
It may well be that no cell will work in it.

What matters is the clutter of other buildings around you, and what they’re made out of.
I tend to have a hard time getting service on the 26th floor here in the loop,
but I think it’s more of a problem of the 100 other office buildings full of

Poor cell reception is a special challenger for apartment dwellers. …
Now your apartment building may or may not be too far from your carrier’s nearest tower for good reception. …

If there are other multi-story buildings near your apartment, they could be blocking your cell signal

IN the 19th century, as buildings got taller across New York, engineers struggled to find ways to pump water to the uppermost floors.
Now, with the mysteries of water pressure long since resolved, a new quandary is facing the city’s tallest residential buildings:

poor cellphone reception.

Such problems arise on higher floors because most telephone carriers have installed antennas on building roofs relatively low to the ground, to reach cellphone users on the sidewalks.

Until recently carriers had not anticipated such demand for cellphone access up high.

Spotty reception and dropped calls have been an issue since the dawn of the cellular age, of course, but it is becoming more acute as Americans increasingly abandon land lines.

more than 25 percent of homes had only wireless phones in the first half of last year,

more than half of people 25 to 29 lived in households with only wireless telephones.

“A lot of building owners are starting to approach us with these questions,”

. “It’s a hot topic, and it’s something that is becoming more and more important these days.”

While in-building wireless networks are fairly common in office towers, experts say residential landlords have been reluctant to install the technology.

Some individual homeowners have turned to cellular signal boosters, which have been available for about a decade.
But they cost $250 to $1,000, and have come under scrutiny by the Federal Communications Commission after a cellular trade group asserted that boosters interfere with cellular networks and disrupt service.

Experts say that landlords and developers are only beginning to consider their options, which include wiring a distributed antenna system in the building or providing residents with a broadband connection.

many people here are migrating to wireless communications in their homes and even their offices,”

, “the building owners all of a sudden are kind of caught with their pants down.

At the Beatrice, a new 55-story rental tower and hotel in Chelsea, the developer,
when workers reached the 30th story, that cellphone coverage would be spotty.

eventually resulted in the decision to provide residents with so-called femtocell technology, a cellular base station that connects calls through a broadband network.

The size of a small box, the femtocell device is hooked up to a DSL or cable modem and positioned near a window.

the resident has to deal with it by getting a landline.”

At the Trump SoHo, a new hotel condominium, the developer incorporated a more costly distributed antenna system that runs throughout the building and requires a centralized basement hub to store cables and wiring.

Such a solution can run as much as $2 million to install.

Trump SoHo, said that complaints about cellphone reception from guests at Trump and other companies’ properties had been increasing over the past few years

. “They don’t like it when their cell signal doesn’t work,”
“and it’s becoming a big part of their decision on where they’re going to stay.”

Experts said that as the technology evolves, some of the costs associated with wiring buildings for cell coverage might come down as phone carriers agree to cover some of the expenses.

five years ago was people noticed when they didn’t have cellphone coverage in a building, but there wasn’t a solution

“Then about three years ago there were some solutions, but they were very cost prohibitive

Beware Performance-Enhancing Substances

I am opposed to such.
Anything modern artificial can be dangerous.

I sometimes take vitamins but suspect the fillers and chemicals are unhealthy.

Traditional diet the best.
Ancient spices herbs cures can be very effective.
Do these first
will take decades to optimise and take college classes relevant if you can find.

<reaganreports> wrote:

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs
Beware Performance-Enhancing Substances

By Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs

One of the most remarkable things about the great golfer Bobby Jones was that he never played golf as a professional. He was a lawyer by trade and won all of his 13 major championships as an amateur.

Now, nobody today is expected to walk out from behind an office desk and qualify for the U.S. Open golf championship — which theoretically can be done — or get an expensive new bicycle and take on the Tour de France. But a lot of weekend warriors and college kids in intramural sports are trying to look like they could do just that, with disastrous results.

Read the Full Story — Go Here Now

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