infections, immune system

> I think my lungs are my weakest point so am always looking for ways to boost my immune system. >
> I take powdered Vitamin C several times per day to keep blood level higher. > Can put in coffee in morning, or milk, or juice later in the day. >
> Also whey powder along with coffee and several times per day.
> Whey comes in big canisters like coffee at Walmart Target and big grocery stores and health food stores. >
> The immune system is made out of protein so good to get enough protein. > Milk, eggs, cheese are tasty easy to digest protein foods. >
> Also in coffee I dump ginger, cinnamon, and other spices that have supposedly many good effects. >
> Garlic and onions supposedly very good.
> I think I can feel garlic boosting my immune system and overall strength. > I slice and dice it expose to air for a few minutes.
> Can put on sandwiches, salads or anything.
> Garlic is a staple in French and Chinese cooking and has been used for thousands of years. >
> Also just sitting in the sun builds up Vitamin D and other good stuff in the skin. > And probably burns off germs from face and nasal areas.
> May be why people get less colds and flu in the summer.
> My cousin Joyce has had a lung infection for 5 years.
> She moved from Oregon to Las Vegas and is getting better.
> The hot dry air and sunshine has done some good.
> The pills she was taking had side effects and were expensive. > Doing better without the pills and with more sun.
> But it is very hard to shake some of these bugs.
> Hers is a non-tuberculosis mycobacterium – a mold, fungus. > Probably picked up in wet soggy foggy Oregon
> Legionaire’s disease came out of a wet air conditioner.
> I tend to think a high altitude, dry climate might be the best, such as Colorado or Wyoming. > But too cold is also bad for picking up colds and flu.
> Not sure of how to get the best air.
> Too much mold and germs in the air is not a good thing.
> Hope you get better soon and enjoy the hot weather!


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