Get ready to roll if SHTF. South Dakota Residence flexibility

Get paperwork straightened out.
Be legal in 1 state.
SD the best the most flexible but is cold and expensive.
Travel most of the year,
summer escape the heat in the Black Hills.

Why setup my home base in SD?

South Dakota has a lower tax burden compared to other states.

What are the SD tax burdens and advantages?

South Dakota has No state income tax (this includes earned income,
pensions, military retirement, dividends, interest, etc.)

South Dakota has NO state inheritance tax.

South Dakota has only a 4% sales tax on merchandise (local communities
can add one or two percent to this figure). IMPORTANT – you will not
pay this 4% sales tax on vehicles, motor homes, or recreational vehicles.
Please see below for these tax amounts.

South Dakota imposes only a 3% tax rate ON THE TRADE DIFFERENCE
on vehicle, RV, motor homes. For example, if you purchase a new RV for
$50,000 and trade your existing RV and receive $30,000 trade in credit,
you pay a difference of $20,000. You would pay the 3% vehicle
tax on only the $20,000 difference meaning your tax would be $600.
This can be a huge difference when compared to some states that might
charge 6% on the entire amount!

South Dakota does not require that your vehicles have a annual safety inspection.

How do I become a Madison, SD resident?

Obtain a South Dakota address from, by
completing the Mail Forwarding Service Agreement, and PS Form 1583.
Your new physical street address qualifies for your South Dakota
Vehicle Registrations, South Dakota drivers license, and voter
registration. For assistance please contact our office at

Do I need to travel to South Dakota to become a resident?

You can establish your address and register your vehicle through the mail,
but you will need to travel to South Dakota to obtain your driver’s license.

How much does it cost to forward my mail?

Prepaid Annual Rate (One Month Free)

13 months service


SD Vehicle Registration Assistance

$20.00 per vehicle

Power of Attorney Statement (for Vehicle Registration)

Are there any hidden fees for services provided by

There are NO hidden fees. NO inquiry fees. There are NO additional
charges for special sorting or mailing supplies, such as
envelopes, labels, etc. offers a 3-month or
annual service contract rate for Weekly and on Demand Forwarding.
Billable postage consists of actual shipping costs.

How much does it cost to license my vehicle or RV in
South Dakota?

South Dakota bases your fees on the weight and age of the vehicle or RV.
You can determine the exact registration fee for your vehicle by visiting
the SD Department of Motor Vehicles (SD-DMV) at

For example, my 2005 Ford F350 truck weighs about 7,500 pounds
and after reviewing the fee schedule for RV’s in the link above, I found
that my registration fee would be $65.00 per year.

My 2004 30′ Jayco fifth wheel trailer weighs about 7,600 pounds and
costs $86.00 per year.

Other applicable fees include:
Title Fee- $5.00,
Lien Fee – $5.00 (if applicable),
Solid Waste Fee – $1.00,
Wheel Tax – $4.00 per wheel
(a maximum of $16.00 annually).
(Wheel tax is applicable to some counties
in South Dakota, including Lake County.)

A 3% excise tax may be applicable.
payable to the South Dakota Department of Revenue if not paid with purchase price.

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What paperwork is required to register my vehicle in South Dakota?

1. Application for Motor Vehicle and Registration – I can complete this for you, as your authorized agent if you’ll sign a notarized Power of Attorney statement. This allows me to apply for the Certificate of Title on your behalf. One Power of Attorney statement must be completed for each vehicle.
Power of Attorney Form

2. An original Title or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (if new) properly transferred to the applicant.

3. A Bill of Sale, purchase order or sales contract – will be used to determine the 3% excise tax and or proof of sales tax already paid if at least a 3% tax was paid to another state.

If at least a 3% tax has been paid to another state it is not collected again.

4. Vehicle weight – South Dakota license fees are determined by the empty weight and year of the vehicle.
We need to provide verification of the empty weight for all recreational vehicles.
The follows documents may be provided:

a. Copy of brochure indicating the empty weight or UVW on the spec page.

b. A photo of the sticker inside the vehicle generally located behind a cabinet door.

c. If you are providing a Certificate of Origin this information will be shown.

5. A copy of your current driver’s license.

6. If you do not have a South Dakota driver’s license you will need to provide a copy of your Social Security card.

6. The current odometer reading (if applicable) for each vehicle and color of each vehicle.

7. The type of fuel of the vehicle (if applicable).

8. A signed and notarized affidavit in support of Non-residency.

This is required if you do not have a South Dakota driver’s license.

Affidavit In Support of Non-residency Form

What is the cost of a South Dakota Driver’s License?

Driver License or ID Card – New or Renewal – $20.00
Commercial Driver License – New or Renewal – $25.00
Commercial Driver License Endorsement Tests – $10.00 each test
Duplicate Driver License or ID – $10.00
Reinstatement Fees – $50 to $200

How do I obtain a South Dakota driver’s license?

Your physical presence is required to apply for a South Dakota Driver’s License.
When you obtain your first SD driver’s license you must stay one night in a campground or motel and show a receipt to the driver’s license office.
You will still put your My Dakota Address on your license.

Documents Required to Obtain a Driver License

New Requirements for All Driver License and ID Card Applicants Effective 12-31-09

Effective Dec.31, 2009 federal regulations require anyone applying for a new, renewal, or duplicate driver license or identification card will have to provide the following documents listed below (photo copies are not acceptable).

One of the following to prove identity, date of birth, and lawful status:

Certified U.S. birth certificate issued by State or County (hospital birth certificates are not acceptable)
Valid unexpired U.S. passport
Certificate of Naturalization
Certificate of Citizenship
Valid unexpired permanent resident card
Valid unexpired employment authorization document
Foreign passport with valid unexpired U.S. Visa with I-94

If your name is different than the name on your identity document, you will need to bring additional proof of your legal name.
Acceptable documents for proof of a legal name change are a certified marriage certificate (issued by a state vital records agency), a certified adoption document, or a certified court order authorizing a name change (such as a divorce decree).

(For phone numbers and addresses to write for Vital Records, please visit

One document to prove Social Security number.
Only the documents listed below can serve as proof of Social Security number (document must include your full social security number):

Social Security card
W-2 Form
SSA 1099 Form
Non-SSA 1099 Form
Pay stub (must include name and social security number)

(For information on how to apply for a social security number or replacement card, please visit )

Two documents to prove your residential address. Please bring two of the documents listed below (each must contain your current address):

Utility bill
Credit card statement
Pay stub or earnings statement
Rent receipt
Phone bill
Transcript or report card from an accredited school
Bank statement
Mortgage document
Tax document
Homeowners/renter’s insurance policy
Other items will be reviewed by licensing personnel
If you are unable to provide proof of residency please call for exceptions 1-800-952-3696.
PO Box addresses are acceptable in areas not assigned a street or 911 addresses.

Address Exceptions:

Minors – If a minor does not have two documents proving residency the parent may provide two forms for them.

Living with someone else – An individual residing with another person may have the other person sign a “Consent for Use of South Dakota Address” form and present two residency documents belonging to the person they reside with.

Living within an Organization or facility – A letter from the organization or facility (on their letterhead) stating the individual resides there…

People who travel full time – If you are using a mail forwarding address the applicant must complete the “Residency Affidavit” and provide one document proving their temporary address (campground or RV park receipt). If they have friends or family in South Dakota and will be using their address they can complete and follow the instructions on the Consent for Use of Address Form.

Military and Military Dependents – Can use out-of-state address on their license and provide two documents proving residency that include the out-of-state address.

Our examiners have the right to question any documents and request additional information prior to Drivers License or ID Card issuance. These new rules

will help to establish a more secure driver license and will help address our shared concern about national security, identity theft, and highway safety.

If you have any questions please call the central Driver Licensing Program office at 1-800-952-3696.

The Lake County Driver Exam Station schedule in Madison is: Every Tuesday,
9:00 am to 3:45 pm.

Your South Dakota Driver’s license can be obtained
at any County Driver Exam Station in South Dakota.

If the schedule in Lake
County is inconvenient please contact our office for schedules available in
other counties or click on the following link to obtain this information.

How do I register to vote?

Fill out a voters registration form.
The deadline for registration is 15 days before any election.


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