Ghislaine Maxwell fate that met Jeffrey Epstein and help put pedophiles behind bars

Spill the beans to whom?
The FBI?
The perps?
Study your local FBI office website, or FBI any office.
Most of their prosecutions are for illegal pornography.
FBI agents work there so they can watch illegal pornography without getting prosecuted. Job for perverts.
Most of the other prosecutions are drug related.

FBI is deep state.
Drugs and porn could easily be stopped but will not be stopped because deep state likes it.
Epstein Lolita express flew deep staters to Islands and New Mexico ranch to live out their fantasies. FBI will not prosecute themselves.
Any tapes found will be destroyed.

Deep state thrives by encouraging illegal activity that they can appear to be doing something about, while benefiting from and participating in that illegal activity.
Deep state “workers” get STDs, abortions, addictions and health care benefits and big fat salaries paid for by you, the taxpayer, dumb sheeple. Tax cuts for the rich, wage slavery for the poor.

Problem is that deep state gets sick too, such as Biden dementia. Drugs blow your mind.
Can Hollywood cover up dementia enough to convince sheeple to elect another bogus president? There are plenty of dumb sheeple and some vote.
Mail in ballots will allow 1 wolf to vote for 1000 sheeple or more. Communist takeover of USA government.

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