$45,000 Apple computer ’s Surprising Mac Pro Offer expensive:

I prefer Apple for most computer work since 2008.

Rush Limbaugh uses Apple, the Alt-computer “other world”
vs Microsoft big corporate deep state porn crime machines.

I am Working to move to Linux that is cheaper and better if you know what you are doing.

I may need to buy a new Apple iMac in the meantime.
so I can get the new Big Sur MacOS, safe, modern this fall.

Apple is changing from Intel Chips to its own design AMD chips used in iPad iPhone.
Probably good for most.
But will be chaos for 3 years until they complete the move.
Warren Buffet biggest holding is Apple.
If Apple fails, then the economy is sunk.

Grab an intel machine now, well understood, will last for 10 years.

You can get refurbished for $1000 good enough.

You can get new for $1600 that will do more than you need.

You can pay too much easily.

Apple has a number of Mac Pro machines on sale in the refurb store, with the

lowest priced model prices at $11,469.

While the Refurb page of the online Apple Store is not always promoted widely,

Apple has offered refurbished units for many years.

Consumer products generally see a discount on the order of fifteen percent.

As for the units and what has happened, I’l leave that to Apple to explain:

“Every Apple Certified Refurbished product completes a rigorous refurbishment process

that includes full testing

that meets the same functional standards as new Apple products.

Your refurbished device is truly “like new.” ”

you still get the same one-year warranty that would come with a brand new machine, and you can still add on Apple Care.


Forbes: Apple’s Surprising Mac Pro Offer.


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