Lethal Lockdown make you sick: video, George Webb interviewed by RD Steele

Zero confirmed deaths from coronavirus.covid-19 is too weak to cause serious illness.
People are dying from the lockdown house arrest and long-term pre-existing conditions just as before the fake pandemic.
Destroy the economy
to cause more anxiety, mental illness, suicide, weaker immune system, deaths.

You need to get outdoors for fresh air and sunshine exercise every day.
And circulate in large crowds to develop herd immunity to thousands of diseases and acquire a better microbiome.
Without face mask or hand sanitizers.

Lockdown house arrest a new tool to kill you off.
Communist diseases are a tool for terrorism, control, manipulation, vaccination, injection, extermination, of the sheeple.
More diseases are coming, get prepared.
cheap and easy way to kill you off.

Streets patrolled by BLM, Antifa, anarchists, communists, population chased off to where they cannot resist occupation.
Migrants, illegals, slaves microchipped robots designed from the meanest species around the world,
forced to takeover the inner city war zones to build the new economy.

Your home is a toxic dump filled with cheap junk from overseas shipped by fossil fuels bill clinton walmart.
Petri dish for germs, molds, fungi, bacteria, viruses,…. that will finish you off even without lethal vaccination.

Sheeple eating junk food at home, watching electronics disinformation, zapped by electrons.
Sit on butts deprive of needed exercise.
Drugs, alcohol, TV addiction to fry your brain.
Drive thru junk food filled with cancer transgender chemicals.

Face masks filled with cancer transgender chemicals as your clothes have been for decades.
Deprive you of oxygen, I cant breathe, kill off brain cells.

You will never be trained on how to acquire or use any testing, testing, testing health records.
You cannot access many testing records, even your own.
If you can get some records they are illegible, or you lack training to organize and digest that information.
There is no evidence that any tests work.
By design.
Tests are just a tool for manipulation and funding of politically correct testers, test designers, test manufacturers.

And get you to voluntary take lethal injection vaccination Bill Melinda Gates.

Fake science reports constantly to encourage you to do the wrong thing, that will kill you off.
Deep state funded by your tax dollars extermination conspiracies.
Communist conspirators everywhere.
Anything paid for by government is used against you at your expense.

Communist China dictator for life the main organizer with co-conspirators everywhere.
Has been organizing for 100 years in USA, quietly.
Trump a blip who must be eliminated or neutralized to allow complete takeover.

You will be a slave or be vaccinated to death.

(270) George Webb, Citizen Intelligence Minuteman, Life’s Work Wiped Out by YouTube, We Discuss Everything – YouTube

Webb is an extremely serious investigative journalist who was the first to convince me

that the COVID-19 phenomenon was a deep state project
first executed by operatives in the USA
at American Universities,

as Fort Dietrick had been closed .

The video covers a multitude of topics and reveals interesting facts.

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