Idiots run it. Biden’s Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing

Communists want idiots in positions of power to destroy America.

Teachers should be stupid,
just regurgitate communist propaganda.
If you are white and smart,
you are not wanted.
You will disrupt the disinformation system.

Affirmative action designed to create dysfunction everywhere. Clueless negroes, minorities ideal to ruin every institution.
Racist, nepotism, stupid, degenerate into tribal warfare, just what the emperor wants.

Brain-dead TV addicts, junk food addicts, gasoline addicts, getting sicker, clamoring for Obama-care, single payer dictator, Biden,… Clueless

Nobody will be able to see conspiracies everywhere.
Until it is too late.

Pandemic hoax, shut it all down.
Communists pre-stationed in every state,
holding top jobs, guns, weapons, rule the streets,…

Just take over.
Without firing a shot.

Emperor of Communist China wins!

Hitler saw the Communist menace decades ago.
Anti-nazi bias helps destroy America who was on the wrong side in WW1 and WW2.

McCarthy in USA also saw the problem and is now vilified.
Idiots exterminating themselves.
Give an idiot enough rope and he will hang himself.
Give all idiots a TV and they will act like the idiots on TV.

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