Nazi killer viruses. Communist virus phobia fake news. Phages: their role in bacterial pathogenesis and biotechnology

Go to the beach
Spread viruses
Get a suntan to stay healthy.

Viruses are your friend,
your body is filled with viruses as part of your immune system. Viruses destroy bacteria and fungi that can kill you.
There are more viruses, fungi and bacteria inside your body than cells of your body. Most of your genetics are viruses and bacteria inside you.

Nazi soldiers carried bottles of viruses into battle to fight infections. Virus treatments (bacterio-phages) have been studied over 100 years.
You can be treated today in San Diego, University of California a leading center.

Super-bugs are not treatable by antibiotics, so viruses are used to treat. MRSA staph is what my father got in 1985 until UCLA saved him. (Multi drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.)
It is everywhere nowadays especially around Cows, pigs, chickens…

Virus phobia is a Communist Plot to sicken America,
Terrorize the population,
Influence elections,
Take over the government.
Lockdown disease,
Electronics addiction,
tobacco addiction,
alcohol addiction,
drug addiction,
fake news,

Replace the American Population with
negro slaves,
latino slaves,
muslim slaves,
pig shit factories,
pesticide GMO plantations,
to make pork CAFO for Communist China.
Not surprising the virus came from China!
More is coming.

Viruses are small and inject genetic material into the big bacteria that hijacks the replication chemicals to make thousands of copies of the viruses and explode the bacteria

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