Civil War: Federal LEO Says Police Are Being Replaced by Warlords

Yes – conflict, civil war underway.
I was wondering when the house of cards would collapse.
Many trends could not continue
but have been going on for decades,
and did not seem so bad in January 2020.

Now looking at beginnings of disintegration in June 2020.
Now looking to escape.

Election hopes may postpone the worst until 2021
when losers bring out nukes, pandemics, blackouts, fires, explosions, snipers, occupations….

Find an ecosystem and demographics that will last for a few decades. Sort of self-sufficient
as the States Balkanize
and are taken over by hostile foreign Communists and Conspirators.

Study where your food, water, power, gas, oil, air supply is coming from.

Get rid of electronics, fossil fuels,….
focus on essentials.

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