censorship. YouTube Bans Videos

Yes, there is censorship, disinformation, information control on the new internet. Email blocking, etc.

Health information is most important as if you get disinformation then you can easily become dead (as desired by Communists).

I look at the Mercola website often, and subscribed to his newsletter until it started to repeat itself.
He is honest and logical but that leads him astray of authorities who want you to think in self-destructive ways.

The internet has become better than TV idiot box for disinformation. Phone moron box. Computer imbecile box….

In 1992 emails went thru and not much spam.
Lots of news and information on the internet without tracking all thru the 1990s.
Even as late as 2005? I was paying $10 per month for dialup 56K modem internet and another $10 or $20 for the phone landline.
I finally got broadband and price doubled, tripled,…. and wifi disturbed my sleep.

Nowadays you pay a lot for disinformation, tracking, spyware, malware,… It is a racket, rich get richer
but idiots get addicted to overuse
and everybody has to pay more to support their addiction by. forcing you into unlimited calls, texts, data even though you need little.
And buy expensive phones, computers, software, up to date just to do banking and pay taxes! It is all a ripoff.

I am trying to get off the system.
I am trying to convert my Apple and Windows 10 devices to Linux and going to encrypted email off the main services hotmail, yahoo, gmail,… I did some of this several years ago,
but whole system is getting onerous and dangerous.
How to make use of what is available without getting ripped off.

Ting.com seems to be best for phones
-alacarte pay for what you use-
as I do not use phones much.
Phone addicts may need an unlimited plan with a major vendor.

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