Herd immunity Coronavirus. Businesses Targeted By Robbers

91 degrees I saw on bank at 7pm yesterday.
38 High temperature no sun heavy clouds a few days ago.
I may move next year to the best weather and quality of people and medical facilities. Health vs disease is always a high priority, now as always.

6 Motorcyclists here given tickets for violating stay-at-home order so less noise on the near deserted streets. Auto insurance giving rebates due to less auto accidents.
Will be less crime, more hiring of security guards and fruit pickers, truck drivers, legal agricultural workers. Less illegal immigrants, illegal drugs and money laundering. More alcohol, tobacco, sugar, TV, electronics addiction, obesity, dementia,… More jobs to treat problems caused.

California has more sun, Vitamin D, skinnier people, fewer negroes,… so less COVID-19 death.
More herd immunity in some populations that can be easily missed by stupid fraudulent research statistics.


Bill Gates: We Won’t Go Back To “Normal Until” A Vaccine Has “Gotten Out To The Entire World”

there are at least 69 existing drugs or compounds that might be effective in treating the coronavirus.

Mainstream media seems to be debunking the idea that Hydroxychloroquine can help

this kind of information is making its way around the world,

why aren’t these being explored as much as a vaccine?
Why does a vaccine seem to be the only solution in this case?

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