civil war, projection, overthrow, Democrats cancel America

Projection is what I have been thinking too.
Projection was the first new word I learned in college psychology decades ago. Useful to determine motives on everybody.
Their small brains only know a few words,
They speak those few words they are thinking about.
Election Fraud mail-in ballots illegals, duped idiot voters, fake news….

When Trump won 2016
the democrats talked of “peaceful transition of power”
the first time I heard that phrase in USA politics following an election. Like the democrats own the government and an outsider broke through. Then suddenly rats coming out of the woodwork everywhere.
Trying to stop Trump from doing anything he was elected to do.

Obviously a state of civil war.
Democrat elite establishment at war with with American people.

Dictator of Communist China controlling everything behind the scenes through Democrat useful idiots.

Orchestrate impeachment,
Korea war,
negro riots,
Hollywood police brutality,
shutdown the economy, ….
Fake news media parade of narratives designed make USA look as bad as possible to try to defeat Trump by election stuffed mail-in ballots.
Dirty tricks.

If the election fails then bring out the nukes.
Blow up the entire government at the state of the union address 2021. Decapitation, in all 50 states.
Communists will stop at nothing.

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