Money, debt, Fed graphics attached

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Money supply is exploding, jumped $2,000,000,000,000 in the past month.
2 Trillions.

The Federal Reserve is bought $2,000,000,000,000 Treasury securities in the past month plus lots of other securities.
2 Trillions.

2=2 Trillions makes some sense if Velocity is constant
for complete monetization of the 2 Trillions of new deficit stimulus plan
I heard on the news and in the third graph:

The Federal Government issued $2,000,000,000,000 Treasury securities in the past month to finance the big increase in debt.
2=2=2 Trillions.

I suspect that most of this $2 trillions was spent as people got their stimulus check and payroll protection plan, etc.
But some may still be stuck in the government accounts waiting to be disbursed,
and it will be spent eventually.
Many people have lots of bills to pay.

These numbers look reasonable.
But look at the numbers going back to the 2008 Obama election-inauguration:

14 trillion increase in Total Federal government debt.

4 trillion increase Fed holdings of Treasury debt.

10 trillion increase in M2.

It seems that there should be an economic boom from those
2 trillions $$$ plus the other 12 trillions since Obama inauguration.
So the money supply should be much higher than reported.
The multiplier effect + accelerator effect,
over the past few months and the past 13 years since Obama election.

I suspect Communist China is stealing those 2 Trillions.
With the help of other hostile foreign powers.
Indeed since Obama 2008 the USA debt has jumped from 10 trillion to 24 trillion = 14 trillion $$$$.
The government spent, wasted that money, so it should be in the banks somewhere in the USA.
But USA $$$ have leaked out into the pockets of foreigners.
Velocity has decreased due to Americans locked down under house arrest cannot go shopping, bars, restaurants, movies,…
That means there is even more missing money.

The graphs are from January 2008 Obama inauguration.
Official statistics from Federal Reserve Bank book-keepers in Saint Louis.
The graph scales are ridiculous indicating marijuana smoking by government employees or deliberate attempt to hide theft of American money.

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