death statistics. Dr SHIVA LIVE We are at War #FireFauci End the Shutdown

Fake statistics constantly on the Fake News Mainstream media. Virus deaths, for example, or obesity, diabetes, diet, exercise,…
Study the lives of Negroes in America and their mortality statistics as published by government. Does not jive with the fake news media on TV.
Tables of numbers are not readable or understandable on youtube or any other video platform. Read by sunlight good for your eyes.

I started studying epidemiological statistics in elementary school. Various Almanacs and encyclopedias.
I got 1 by my bed now,
and other big books of statistics piled in the corner.
Costs a few dollars for enormous amounts of data.
Requires no electronics or electricity to read, easy on eyes. Can find real cheap used or free.

The best data will be in computer databases that are harder to access. Some pdf articles will summarize this and related discussions. Can be better if you spend the time to locate.
Library a good place to start.

You will not find much in any news reports or youtube videos.

Possibly cdc has such data, but it may be hidden behind a paywall. Youtube may have a good video but no way to find it.

Dr Shiva may never have seen the original data or the right video. He starts out talking about politics.
Motivation is politics, not science.
I used email in 1973
communicating from Massachusetts to Alaska.

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