communist takeover, riots, ANTIFA, virus,…: Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes the Injection Fraud

When seconds count
you call 9/11 to find the police are defunded and their pensions stolen by who done it no investigators? You are on your own.

Move now to a safe location without negro riots and funerals on the main stream media. Don’t they know there is a pandemic?
and they are more vulnerable to covid-19?
Africans should be under house arrest in Africa for protection,… Fauci Brix

TV idiot box runs on electricity from fossil fuels.
Trump failed to shut down such massive waste of coal,
and waste of human attention on disinformation.

Like Rush Limbaugh said last week just turn off the TV.
No use to get yourself all upset over constant lie fake news media. I quit watching TV at age 16.
Occasionally at hotel or other peoples homes.

You cannot learn much true information from
TV designed to inject you with false disinformation!
and ads for stuff that will kill you!

I got TV 18 months ago after Trump election
I suspected something big going on hysterical left wing going bonkers immediately after the election. What a mess the news has become over the decades.

Turn it off now!
Move now before SHTF.
Secure food, water, air sources.
Get off the grid, make your own electricity.
The grid is barely holding on, easy for communists to take it down.
No electricity, no air conditioning, no gasoline, no food in stores,…. more riots, worse riots,…

If that blackout not work then nuclear war with Iran.
Or complete civil war.

Must prepare yourself.
Anything can happen before the election.
If Trump wins again then the real war will begin.
Emperor of China needs Trump to be replaced by Biden.
Chinese around here all in brand new Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Maserati,… I am seeing who is driving what now that the college is depopulated. Occupation forces taking control.

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