negro riots or communists? faber gloom boom doom THE QUEST FOR SOMEONE TO BLAME IS ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL

Pandemic is over for most, crowded pools, parties, breweries,… around here. Great sunny dry weather, finally, in midwest farm country,
after long cold wet spring constant rain.

Pandemic could not stop Trump,
nor could impeachment, Mueller, Russia hoax, Ukraine hoax,…
Biden cowering in a basement so he does not reveal dementia in public.

Rioters are not all negroes.
Probably ANTIFA funded by Communist China
to disrupt USA elections.
Attempt to take over USA government by Biden token.
Civil war.

Rioters should be arrested and sorted out.
Who are they?
Staged hoax murder in Minneapolis?
Like Epstein suicide murder in prison in New York City?
Hollywood productions?
Why did riots happen just as Pandemic was winding down
after impeachment was winding down?
News cycle.
Stock market crash next?

Economy is damaged by shutdown.
This may cause stock market crash as liquidity is drained out of the markets worldwide. Debt payments cannot be made if companies in bankruptcy court or vanished.

Stock market value should be zero if future dividends, income, and sales are near zero.

Continued or repeated shutdowns will further damage the economy. Set stage for new crisis?
Stock market crash?
Communist invasion?
Civil war?

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