safe hippie home, survivalists, preppers, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah.

From: “J. C. JOHN”


You’re already living close to one of the best areas for complete off the grid safe living.

Many remote rural areas within 100 miles of you are perfect.

1. Fresh unlimited water.

2. Natural free food if you learn what’s edible.

3. Easy areas to raise excellent gardens.

4. Ample wild game for fresh meat.

5. Similar thinking people abound out of city.

6. Huge abundance of firewood for winter heat.

7. Cheap rural land.

8. Excellent wells for great drinking water. You can use a manual well bucket in a 6” well. No electricity needed.

9. Fishing is great if you’re near pond, lake, stream, river.

10. Very safe compared to some areas you mentioned.

I’m sure many other reasons I can’t think of now.



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