Montesano Grays Harbor Washington survive, thrive

Thunderstorm, pouring rain here.
another week of it after 2 weeks of rain.
Now I turn off computer to prevent electrical damage.

Grays Harbor Washington is
Bigger than Coos Bay Oregon.

More oysters needed for good health, immune system.
Seafood fish oil, fish good for brain.
Seaweed iodine.

Has a hospital and small college.
More jobs and apartments.
Closer to big city services.

Both places cool summers 65 degrees
Warm winters above freezing, no snow, ice.
Vast amounts of rain, fresh water for survival.

Clean Water, not fluoridated.
Clean Air.
no GMO CAFO shit factories.

Berries, fruits, etc.
Washington apples.

Less electronics, TV, cell phone towers, etc.

Probably lots of drugs and pregnant teenagers.
Mostly white trash drinking coffee smoking pot.

Oregon is larger and poorer and zero sales tax.
Washington is smaller and richer and zero income tax.,_Washington

Grays Harbor County is a county in the U.S. state of Washington.

population was 72,797.

The county seat is Montesano,
largest city is Aberdeen.

racial makeup of the county was

88.30% White,
0.34% Black or African American,
4.66% Native American,
1.22% Asian,
0.11% Pacific Islander,
2.27% from other races, and
3.10% from two or more races.
4.85% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. 16.3% were of German,
11.9% United States or American,
9.9% English,
9.2% Irish, and
6.1% Norwegian ancestry.
94.1% spoke English
3.9% Spanish as their first language.

Donald Trump carried the county in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The principal economic activities are

• Wood and Paper Products
• Seafood Processing
• Food Processing
• Manufacturing

• Grays Harbor Development Club (1912).
Grays Harbor Country Washington.
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. p. 32.
From the book “thirty years ago …
Destructive Development began …
greed for wealth
… denuded acres
… logged-off land
… found to be fertile
… capable of the highest state of cultivation
… fishing profit
… splendid landlocked body of water
… fir
… perfect lumber
… lumber and shingle mills … Clams, crabs and shrimp … abundant … an agreeable climate
… dairy industry
… unbounded
… few soils are superior to those here
… unlimited opportunity
… berry orchards
… poultry leading place …

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