live on boat at coos bay Oregon. $110 per month Survival

97% of all life is under the sea.

The best food is seafood.
You will get sick without it.
Modern medicine slow to study it.
The biggest study so far will be released by end of the year Dr. Steve Nissen Cleveland clinic.

Most of the sea is uncrowded by people.
Few gangsters, criminals, or politicians anywhere out in the ocean.

All survivalists have sailboats,
and you can survive cheaply in Oregon:
Coos bay slip rent is $110 per month.

Many survivalists live on sailboats.
Escape from problems on the land.
Criminals cannot find you way out in the Ocean.
All you want of fresh air, water and free food of the highest quality,.
Landlubbers always at risk – you can be attacked from any direction,
You cannot hide from drones that are everywhere over land,
and dangerous marijuana farmers illegals with guns taking over USA.

Oceans are 70% of the surface of the Earth
and 97% of Earth’s water supply
and 90% of habitable space on Earth.

I lived part time on sail boats in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

I talked to an old fart in Berkeley Marian December 1978 who lived his whole life on a boat – gave me the idea.
I have been going to beaches and coasts since a teenager.

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