Will Americans submit to a 2nd lockdown?

Motorcycles screaming up and down streets around here in the rare event it quits raining. Been raining for weeks, but at least temps got up to 70 so not so miserable. Streets well washed.
Plants very green.

New blacktop many areas downtown during shutdown.
Many projects continued during shutdown.
Lots of new apartments.
but town deserted,
huge college population may not return,
medical industrial establishment shut down,…
some signs of life return this week.

There is a new disease but it mainly affects near-dead people in nursing homes and those taking lots of legal and illegal drugs. But prepare yourself anyway.
Infectious diseases have always been dangerous killers.
This disease will mutate.
There will be new diseases.
Communist China is still using wet markets to evolve new diseases. They see how they can shut down their competitors.

They probably executed a few million internal enemies during the lock down.

The great wall of china is now the great internet wall of china. Strict censorship of all flow of data.
Nobody knows what they are up to.

Communists need you gone.
Dead or sick paying a fortune on drugs.

Democrats hijacked the disease as a last ditch effort to stop Trump. This can continue.

Don’t believe anything in the news.
There are no good statistics on mortality.
Doctors cannot diagnose live patients very well.
Coroners are worse.
There are financial incentives for mis-reporting.

Worse than global warming climate change
where you cannot access temperature databases or know their limitations. Hence fake news.
Notice how Sweden is out of the news because they did not shut down but
Greta Thunberg was in the news constantly when it served the fake media purposes.

Economic statistics are better measured but never get reported right, and those statistics are not what you want to look at anyway, and you cannot access anything better.

As long as the data are not collected,
no accounting,
or you cannot get the needed data,
or habitually incorrect accounting,
then fake news will be able to say anything they want without fact checking.

Probably politically-correct pandemic is the right term.

By November most may realize that the shutdown was not needed. Sweden was right.
Business as usual.
Some may need to take more precautions.

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