coos bay oregon oysters

Move to where the local foods are good.
And plenty of clean water and air, such as Oregon
(maybe too much water, fog, depression leading to marijuana smoking and coffee drinking). Oregon has lots of fruits and berries and other foods I like.
In Artesia New Mexico every Christmas we got a shipment of Du Comice pears from Ashland Oregon from Mr. Dean.

Oysters are very important in the age of the virus and other immune and autoimmune diseases.

Seafood, fish oil, Omega 3, very important.

Gather everything by hand to insure freshness. Live on a boat, sail to Hawaii if SHTF.


Comice pear trees are considered by many to produce the sweetest and juiciest of all pears.
Their proper name is Doyenné du Comice pear tree first propagated near Angers in the mid 1800s. Perhaps the queen of winter pears.
The flesh of Comice pears are buttery, sweet, tender and aromatic. Its low chilling requirement makes it suitable for low winter chill locations.

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