Santa Ana PD: Robberies Increase By 50%, Suspects Using Face Covering Orders To Their Advantage – CBS Lo s Angeles – we have seen nothing yet –

Gas price going above 1.33
was around 1.00
Trump boom.

My first thought about face masks
– more robberies by masked bandits.

Gas stations should be only fuel, no junk food, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Restrict hours to daylight only.
Sheeple should go home and go to sleep at night.

Drive less to avoid interfacing with gasoline addict extermination system.

Gas station convenience stores are often filled with junk food that causes pandemics, cancer, stroke, heart attacks,…

Gas stations are addict refill stations staffed by criminals working for minimum wage.

I walk in and pay $20 bill in cash high speed transaction. Also to check out these stores and avoid use of card outside.

I bought gasoline once this year???
Not driving.
Got 1 insurance refund already.
Fewer wrecks this year.
May be more wrecks now that economy is restarting.

Fuel refill stations have to pay the price by getting robbed and having fewer drivers, fewer shoppers, due to the pandemic that they caused.

Face mask probably does not help much.
Ventilation and the great outdoors the key.
Wind blows away germs.
Sun kills the virus.

Sick building syndrome.
All buildings are toxic dumps filled with chemicals from Communist China. Corona virus the least of your problems.
Corona beer will kill you before the Corona virus.

I wear a face mask in stores.
Looking for designer face mask.
I pass for a teenager periodically due to sleek runner body, style, mannerisms. Face the giveaway.
Hide my face to be young again.

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