color disinformation vs your health

Fake news media are not telling you to strengthen your body and mind to resist diseases of all sorts.
Pie in the sky faith in vaccines, quarantines, house arrests, disinfectants, testing, tracking, contact tracking, blood plasma transfusions, injections, ventilators,.….
Big government, big pharma, expensive approaches that failed in common colds, flu, HIV AIDS… Same idiots who failed there now want to get paid to fail again on Covid-19

Improve your
bright sun,
fresh outdoor air breathing,
Electronics exposure reduction.
Eat more green vegetables and raw garlic.
Avoid addiction.
Avoid ghetto people and culture and their self-extermination tendencies.

Color electronics used since 1960s to damage your health, eyes, and hormones, and propagate disinformation, emotional jarring,…
TV, Phone, Computer settings allow you to set grayscale mode that will reduce that.
Let the information flow thru without color disinformation that is deliberately manipulated to manipulate your brain.

Also reduce brightness, reduce shock,
and watch screens outdoors in the sunshine or next to open window, so you get more beneficial rays and less detrimental rays.

Turn off sound and read the subtitles.
Maybe turn on sound when the subtitles indicate something important is being said. No TV or video will be as good as books.

The best info is hidden by google
but you can search to find some useful online articles and video:

Google search:
Grayscale TV Phone Windows 10, Macos, apple,….

Is Grayscale better for your eyes?

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Should I use blue light filter all the time? › reviews › glossary-grayscale…

What Is Grayscale? A Basic Definition | Tom’s Hardware

Grayscale is a group of shades without any visible color.

On a monitor, each pixel of a grayscale display carries an amount of light, ranging from …

screen magically transform into an old, black and white TV

TV Grey Scale Adjustment Procedure

Brightness steps: grayscale The grayscale divides the brightness range …

Digital cinema can display many more subtle steps of gray between TV white and TV …

Color accuracy refers to a TV’s ability to display the exact color tones or shades of gray demanded by the signal sent by the source device.

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