“The Grim Food Report, Starving masses revolution, Democrat blue wave take over USA government

OK here.
Still 60 eggs for less than $3
less than 6 cents per egg.

Milk still less than $3 per gallon and tastes much better than California Nevada GMO milk that stinks.

No shortages of anything.
Almost all calories consumed come from the Midwest.
Vast farms are the basis of the food chain, much fed to animals for milk, eggs, meat, fish, fowl…

2003 I tell the blonde that we will see 1 billion dead people due to food supply issues. Covid pandemic is not so bad
but will cause problems in dependent parasite big city blue areas.

I try to get up 4:30 AM for AgDay farm report for farmers on broadcast TV.
Big issues, mainly with oversupply, falling prices, farmer bankruptcy, rural hospital bankruptcy,…. same for 100 years.

Worst covid worker outbreaks already are meat packing slaughterhouses often owned by Communist China
staffed by illegal Latino slaves.
Similar farm workers living in packed dormitories.
I counted 14 latino workers living in shifts in 1 bedroom condo in Tahoe building fancy houses there.
Walmart HQ NWA similar from India $1 per day pay plus living expenses for USA experience.
1961 I studied government slum tenements in Porterville CA Orange street for white Okie farm workers… Grapes of Wrath.

CAFO confined animal feeding operations
will change for the long run.
Short run inventories of CAFO being sold off,
then more shortages and/or hyper-inflation of meats.

Diets will adjust to less meat and more wheat, corn, soy, potatoes, sugar … bread, crackers, snack bars, energy bars,…
GMO junk foods,
wonderburger, imitation meats, vegan,..
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, preservatives,… drive thru services,
home delivery services,…
Less meat may be healthier for most couch potatoes who over-consume meat and cheese.

Virus speed up trend to vegan.

But vegetables and fruits will probably be reduced,
less flown in from overseas and trucked across USA.
All to the detriment of health and hormones.
More gays and lesbians
More cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases,….
Good for medical industrial complex.

Good for big government to fix the health problems.

A sick, diseased, dependent population clamor for Obamacare.

Speed up of past trends.

As long as truckers keep on truckin,
and taco cooks keep on flippin,
and burger kings keep on flippin,
and fast food joints speed up drive thru,

High on starbucks
coffee sugar blast,
caffeine blast,
TV phone blast
brain dopamine blast
addiction fries brain cells,
More and more democrats!

This virus is too mild to disrupt the flow of calories,
but may reduce healthful foods, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants,…

Does expose the problem of paying for calories when jobs shut down, credit cards,
food stamps,…

More interesting is the buying of anything and everything,
and increasing inequality
with stock market still doing well,
401K pensions doing ok.

Financial collapse still to come.
May not be too bad if Trump can open economy fast,
and get more food trucked into cities
and food given away to the starving masses,
or sold affordably.


Will watch.

Daves episodes have come a long way from strictly audio.

Robert David Steele promotes certain episodes.

Lothar also sends me episodes.

I think the crux of any problems
will be supply chains to large urban centers.

You have a large conditioned dependent population.

Many lower class persons on food assistance are lazy, demanding, and violent.


From: John

Subject: Watch “The Grim Food Report” on YouTube

Ole Dave says food supply future is from and if you want any, you have to turn in your guns.

You’ve listened to him much longer than I have.

What do you think?

Around here seems to be good supply of food,
maybe a little short on meat but still mostly available.

Eggs and milk no problems.



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