Swedish migrant gangsters unload on McDonald’s with AK-47 in drive-by shooting

Greta Thunberg may get shot during an ice age caused by pandemic gone viral.

High 62 today, maybe if we are lucky.
5 inches of rain coming this week.
We are not so bad in the middle of the midwest.
I am 50 miles from the demographic center of the 48 states.

North is colder than here.
Snow in New York, New England, etc.

Ice age may be coming as fossil fuel use dropping.

From Lothar:

Murder fast becoming the norm in Sweden,
a country that was once a byword for peace and stability.

According to government statistics, deadly violence in the criminal underworld has increased more than threefold since 2012.

Homicide in general has nearly doubled in that time,
while assault,
sexual violence,
and harassment have also all increased since 2015.

Sweden has also become the bombing capital of Europe,
with 257 bomb attacks reported in 2019,
up 60 percent from the year before.

Its rising right wing places the blame on the waves of immigrants welcomed into the country in the past decade

– and the data backs them up.

Around 180,000 immigrants came to Sweden in 2017,

immigrants were behind 90 percent of the country’s shootings.

Would you like bullets with that?

Swedish gangsters unload on McDonald’s with AK-47 in drive-by shooting


When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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