Democrats Sanders, Harris & Markey to bankrupt this country…. Death to America to President Trump

Democrats are Lazy, do not want to work.

Democrats want free money.

Democrats pay high rent to live in smoggy big cities far from food and water supplies so they can have expensive
child prostitutes
that they want to continue.

Pay illegals to stay in USA and become voters, demand more.
World communism, socialism, dictatorship,…

Kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

The problem is the system is broken.
Broke down.
cannot function as before.
Tell nice narrative, but it is fiction, not reality.
Idiot voters may believe,
but they don’t know how the system works,
melting down.
Their life support system is broken.
They will drown in their own feces as Hitler warned.

You may have lots of $$$ gold in your pocket,
but the shelves may be empty so cannot buy much in the stores. What is there may be cheap or expensive but not what is needed to survive. Batteries? Guns? Tools? Cars? Toys? DVD movies? Games? Phones? Cant eat them or drink them.
No place to go.
Out in the wilderness?
No water, will not last 24 hours, or may get shot.
Resorts are a fantasy kept open by poor workers who will not work if you give them $2000 per month.

One theory of the great depression is that of an epidemic of laziness.

Variant of that now.

If people don’t get back to work the economy will melt down.
Some of that is good, many industries need to shut down such as planes, cruises, fracking, ball games, colleges,…

But without food, water, and electricity
sheeple will riot.

No amount of money printing or talking heads on the TV idiot box will solve lack of essentials.

Truckers will not bring food if you give them $2000 per month to stay at home. Farmers will not farm.
Store clerks will not stock the stores.

Water is scarce in most areas west of the Mississippi.

Electric grid is barely working in most of the country.
Crashes periodically.
Dangerous work that may not get done if you pay them to stay home.


Obvious politics for this election, but would have big impacts either Trump or Biden will face.

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