buy. collapse, economics, impending scenario on how to get rich off the pandemics.

A cheap used sailboat can sail around the world
using zero gas, oil, fossil fuels,
far away from SHTF diseases.
Survive on fish, seaweed, distilled water, windmill electricity,….
Thousands of families live in the Pacific far away from SHTF.

I lived part time on 2 sailboats in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
Very fun and convenient but ends up expensive if you are not careful.
Drunks often fall in and drown or ship-wreck.
Also expense and trouble, and 0 altitude.

As I get older I am preferring land based survival and very high altitude bright sun.

Better values and safety in Abandoned Farms.
90% of the population moved into big cities in the past 100 years leaving tremendous opportunities.
But the best farmland is heavily pesticided
and far from medical care ,
and far from shopping and services,
and cold – Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois,….
So you have to be smart and careful and be willing to do it yourself.

The stock market boom will continue as long as there is inequality rich people gambling.
FAANG the big winners.
TV drug ads, vaccines,…

Sheeple scared indoors use more and more electronics and get sicker and sicker.

Problem is as economy melts down sheeple have less money so ads will not work because they cannot buy stuff without money.

Sheeple decide food is more important than movies, cheap junk from Amazon, etc.

If the economy melts down it will take all boats down with it.

So all must support opening the economy
and arresting conspirators.

From Ron:

Probably a commodity boom until 2030-2032.

Tangible assets.

Next couple of years deflation.

If you have cash plenty of bargains to scoop up.

Dollar to begin crashing after 2032.

Commodity scarcity will then ensue.

Who has tangible assets
and who does not.

If there is a stock market boom it will be based again on actual assets of a corporation and price earnings ratios.

Not casino speculation and gambling on IPOs.

Joe is correct regarding farmland.

Real tangible assets in ones own possession and control.

Gold, guns,
and a getaway plan?

Taxes eventually will dramatically increase to cover government losses during C19 and waning buying power of the dollar.

No free lunch for serfs.

Become as self sufficient as possible.

Avoid extermination by Gates’ vaccines that will be a binary toxin when the next bioweapon virus is introduced.

Avoid having your pockets picked by broke governments looking for assets under every rock.

And yes Rich I remember the good times on your boat.


On Fri, May 8, 2020, 10:24 AM Rich wrote:

I like Greg’s commentary.

I may start looking for another boat.

I had a really cool 17′ speedboat with a wakeboard tower and everything.

I sold it when the @#%^&*+? govn’t made two-stroke motors illegal at our favorite & closest lake a few years ago.

It had a 115 HP Mercury Outboard.

We used to go wakeboarding/waterskiing at Millerton Lake.

I’ve got an extra clip with a picture of my boat on it
all set for when I climb the tower.


Rich L…………..out………

On Fri, May 8, 2020 at 6:21 AM joe

Good summary of well known facts of crashes.
I was going to say the same:

The economy is collapsing,
supply chains broken,
industries dying,
companies going bankrupt.

Now the financial collapse is beginning.
Stock market is too high.
Rich investors do not realize how poor they are and how much they will be taxed by the neo-poor starving masses.
Stock market is dependent on the economy.
As the economy collapses it will take the stock market down too.
This may take years.

The culprits are getting bailouts already as Joe Biden has stated:
The Fed and Treasury is trying to bailout rich state California that should be bankrupt.
The Fed and Treasury is bailing out rich companies that should be bankrupt.

Taxpayers should demand that the Fed and Treasury bail out the middle and lower classes,
instead of bailing out rich states, rich companies, and the upper classes who own:
stocks, second homes, Porsches, Boats, Yachts, Art, Rolex, Wines…

After the collapse you may find great buys on luxury products, Porsche, beach house, ski condo, Rolex,…
Buy smart,
then sell the assets back to the rich in 2030.
After the pandemic of 1918 the economy boomed through the roaring 1920s,
then crashed again in 1929 great depression.
Many crashes since then.
All similar.
Easy way to live high off the hog and get rich by careful investing.

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