collapse, economics, impending scenario on how to get rich off the pandemics.

Good summary of well known facts of crashes.
I was going to say the same:

The economy is collapsing,
supply chains broken,
industries dying,
companies going bankrupt.

Now the financial collapse is beginning.
Stock market is too high.
Rich investors do not realize how poor they are and how much they will be taxed by the neo-poor starving masses.
Stock market is dependent on the economy.
As the economy collapses it will take the stock market down too.
This may take years.

The culprits are getting bailouts already as Joe Biden has stated:
The Fed and Treasury is trying to bailout rich state California that should be bankrupt.
The Fed and Treasury is bailing out rich companies that should be bankrupt.

Taxpayers should demand that the Fed and Treasury bail out the middle and lower classes,
instead of bailing out rich states, rich companies, and the upper classes who own:
stocks, second homes, Porsches, Boats, Yachts, Art, Rolex, Wines…

After the collapse you may find great buys on luxury products, Porsche, beach house, ski condo, Rolex,…
Buy smart,
then sell the assets back to the rich in 2030.
After the pandemic of 1918 the economy boomed through the roaring 1920s,
then crashed again in 1929 great depression.
Many crashes since then.
All similar.
Easy way to live high off the hog and get rich by careful investing.

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