Pismo Beach California death trap

Pismo Beach is not a useable beach,
too cold and foggy 360 days per year.
Only 5 good days if you are lucky.
You have to go south of Los Angeles to find a good beach:
Irvine Newport Beach down to La Jolla Pacific Beach San Diego. Those are too crowded.
All of California is too crowded.
California may jail you if you go to the beach due to the virus. San Diego is too far north, cold fog blows in PM even in the summer.
Better beaches in Missouri with better weather 5 months of the year in forests with water and not so crowded.
Florida/Gulf has 10 times the beaches with half the population and warmer weather and oxygen and rain fresh water.

California is an irrigated desert waiting to die in smog and feces.
Overcrowded, diseased, homeless, ghetto people barely kept alive by calories trucked in from the midwest.
Will get worse as the pandemic fallout spreads over the next 10 years decades of debt fueled waste. Las Vegas is worse.

You must find an environment with milk, eggs, clean air, clean water, sunshine,… and not too many people fighting to get it.
Avoid tourist areas, indoor areas, crowded areas, and harsh weather that drives people indoors.

This listing is fraud.
It does not tell you the monthly fees.
The monthly fees are usually bigger than the purchase price. Also find the minimum and maximum income requirements –
a narrow slot hard to fit in.
Find a place with less paperwork.

This park is a slum for old farts with Central Valley Okie diseases I walked through and checked it out 25 years ago.
Why there is little work or housing on the central coast except for wino jobs grapes of wrath.

from R:

Here’s your RV.
Walk to beach.


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