Contagion Conspiracy Coronavirus Map: (COVID-19)

Is not per-capita.
Must divide positive tests by the population (tested, etc).

Map just says where there is more people,

There is more testing where there is more people.
Especially where tax $ says to test. (NYC)….

Don’t believe statistics from those who desire to mislead you.

Don’t believe death statistics anyway,
cause of death is usually not correct in any country.
Very hard to determine.

Bill Gates allied with Communist China to get you sick,
wet live animal market started back up to make the next corona virus.

If corona does not finish you off then you get death by lethal injection vaccination! Medicare Part D.
Save Medicare by eliminating patients.
Save Social Security by eliminating recipients.

Save the planet from climate change by population reduction vaccination!

Tables are easier to use.

From: John

Zoom in on your city in the USA.

Touch the spot and a pop up gives local details.


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