Survive in Hawaii beats virus disease

Live longer by moving to the best location.
Enjoy life more in the best location.

Disease will cause cheaper rentals and real estate in Hawaii
because poor workers thrown out of work cannot buy or rent houses, condos, apartments.

Hawaii has the longest life and best health, proven survival.

Because you can get out in the sun 365 days per year,
low smog,
clean air,
clean water,
mild weather,
just the right amount of heat and humidity,
no ice, snow, cold,…

Hawaii has high food prices
so less overeating and obesity the main risk factor for corona virus.

Hawaii big island produces more food than it eats.
Las Vegas imports 100% of its food,
Phoenix San Diego not much better.

Arkansas the most similar state to Hawaii,
with the best water air quality and scenery
and mild middle latitude weather.

Arkansas is prettier than Hawaii and produces vast rice and eggs. I get eggs less than 5 cents each.
Very good milk around here cheap.

I have not eaten meat in years.
I ate 1 hamburger 10 years ago fast food joint,
bad taste,
terrible food.
Bad food is why junk food eaters get sick from the virus.

But Arkansas has worse weather than Hawaii.
Bad weather drives sheeple indoors.
Indoor activities may spread the disease.
Arkansas people are all white in some areas
but Hawaii is mostly Asian.
Arkansas is all black people in some areas with high obesity, disease, and death in many areas and weak medical system.

Hawaii good weather and long life attracts in lots of good doctors and their families.

Arkansas economy will be better than Hawaii, may cost more to rent / buy.
Walmart, Tyson, Trucking, Chickens, Rice industry will do well during the crisis. Tourism will remain a disaster for years.

How will the poor in Hawaii cope?
At least in Arkansas they will eat well, probably too much.

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