Covid-19 no more people are dying than NORMAL.

Screaming pandemic in a crowded economy should be a felony (WHO Tedros, Birx, Fauci). just as screaming fire in a crowded theater,
herd trampling each other to get out…
Fake Cure worse than the disease.

As I said at the beginning:
The virus is weak,
Deaths will be lower than normal this year.
Disinformation designed to stop Trump MAGA.

Main damage is economic collapse.
Over the long run deaths will be greater from depression, suicide, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pot, opium,… Yesterday I found Corona beer on sale in grocery store 5/5 Cinco de Mayo.
Daily I inspect liquor store discarded boxes — been selling lots of booze, open during pandemic.
Pizza Corpo-Rat chain store next to my home selling like hotcakes, army of cooks and delivery vehicles speeding down deserted streets…

1970s I statistically analyzed data during 1970s stagflation recession.
I found more alcohol and tobacco was sold during bad economic times over history.

Covid-19 pandemic:
Young healthy will die
instead of old sick weak pre-existing conditions.
So flattening the curve will kill more years of useful life!
Fauci Birx trying to fight the last virus war HIV AIDS that they failed to stop. Fire failed antique bureaucrats.

Pandemic protocol should quarantine the weak with pre-existing conditions. Keep them at home under house arrest.
Free the healthy.

Young able bodied should go to work, or play as normal.
Run in the sun at the beach to stay healthy,
or run up Rocky mountain high Colorado.
Run for your life!
Sun needed for your immune system.

Shocking fake news media do not stress the importance of
maintaining strength,
eating green vegetables,
converting lawns into gardens,
raising hens cows ….
eating eggs,
drinking milk,

Fake news media want you dead,
ad supported
drug pushers,
Electronic junk from Communist China to fry your brain.
Turn it off.

They count on you not being able to understand math, statistics, numbers,… Read math books.

Covid-19 is just more fake news

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