cops civil war?: Pandemic survival, New Cold War — With China? –

Cops are losing pensions and jobs due to tax shortfalls and too much state and local debt. Do those cops want to stop taxpayers who are wanting to work and pay taxes? Cops may just quit or go on strike if economy is not re-opened soon! The civil war did not end hostilities, continued 100 years.
Meltdown of civil order that my ancestors lived thru

Communist China is benefitting from the Wuhan Virus.
And Communist co-conspirators in the USA.

Weaken USA by shutting down the USA economy.
Take over the government.
Move to complete takeover of the world economy rule by elites.

I am shocked,
reading everything I can, and watching TV, videos, radio etc. Trying to absorb new facts before projecting trends.

I am also working full time on math.

And looking for a family farm,
remote survival area moderate weather off the grid.
MAKO looks best:
Looking for an area with fewer people, fewer colored people. Without people then communicable diseases will not spread.
Big areas from Arkansas up thru Nebraska Montana Dakota Wyoming have
very few cases and
very few people.
Diseases a big problem before the Wuhan flu that makes an even bigger problem!

Economies changing.
Oil energy states seem to be hurt the worst – Texas, Alaska. NYC is shut down too, disease cesspool ghetto people.

Some big ag states are hurt too.
Beef, Pork, Chicken packing houses shut down, has been overproduction. Also USA overproduces wheat corn rice soy ethanol.
Will probably be less meat and grains and big ag.

Have to read what is happening now
before I can figure out what will happen in the future.

Up for a New Cold War — With China?

April 27, 2020 by Patrick J. Buchanan

Why did Americans, after a 40-year struggle with another “Evil Empire,” ever believe differently about the Communist Party of China?

Under the code of that party, the morality of an act is determined by whether it advances or retards the goals of the regime: expansion, conquest and domination.

Is America, in lockdown,
with 26 million unemployed and entering a new depression,
up for a confrontation and Cold War with China?

For that appears to be where the GOP wishes to lead us.

According to Politico, a 57-page memo from Mitch McConnell’s senatorial committee instructs GOP candidates to blame the coronavirus pandemic on China, commit to stand up to China,
end U.S. dependence on Chinese manufacturing
and tell voters “my opponent is soft on China.”

“China is not an ally, and they’re not just a rival
— they are an adversary and the Chinese Communist Party is our enemy,” reads one of the talking points.

Sunday, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas echoed the memo,
charging that China’s leaders wanted the coronavirus to spread
because they “did not want to see their relative power and standing in the world decline.”

Cotton went on:
“It’s a scandal to me that we have trained so many of the Chinese communists.
If Chinese students want to come here and learn Shakespeare and the Federalist Papers — that’s what they need to learn from America;
they don’t need to learn quantum computing
and artificial intelligence from America.”

The Wall Street Journal ran back-to-back editorials last week urging a more confrontational stance toward Beijing
and endorsing GOP plans for new defense spending
on U.S. air and naval forces in the Western Pacific.

Cotton and the Journal are not wrong in their characterization of China’s behavior. It is belligerent toward its neighbors
and hostile toward the United States.

China has indeed sent student-spies to study at U.S. universities.

Under cover of the coronavirus crisis,
Beijing is moving to strip the 7 million people of Hong Kong of the rights they were guaranteed when the British departed. The Uighurs of Xinjiang are being persecuted
and coercively cleansed of their cultural and religious beliefs.

The Peoples Liberation Army seeks to intimidate Taiwan by sending military aircraft near the island.
China’s warships have harassed Vietnamese, Malaysian, Philippine and Indonesian commercial vessels to assert its claim to the entire South China Sea.

Chinese propagandists have accused the U.S. of creating the coronavirus crisis that broke out in Wuhan last winter.

JFK may have been inexact when he observed:
“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger
and the other represents opportunity.”

But that is an accurate description of how China has conducted itself since it unleashed the Wuhan virus upon the world.

But why did Americans, after a 40-year struggle with another “Evil Empire,” ever believe differently about the Communist Party of China?

Under the code of that party, the morality of an act is determined by whether it advances or retards the goals of the regime: expansion, conquest and domination.

As President Ronald Reagan undiplomatically observed in an early press conference, Communists reserve to themselves
“the right to lie, cheat and steal,”
which is pretty much how the Chinese Communists have been behaving toward us since we reengaged with them in 1972.

What course does the Journal recommend that we pursue?

“Freedom of navigation exercises”
by U.S. naval and air forces are
“not enough to secure the Western Pacific from Chinese domination.”

Instead, the Journal says the U.S.
“may need to start recognizing claims of countries like Vietnam to make China pay a price for further expansion.
The U.S. should also try to maintain its defense pact with the Philippines’ mercurial President Rodrigo Duterte.”

The Journal seems to be suggesting that we formally recognize and back Vietnam’s claims to disputed islands in the South China Sea. None of these islands belongs to us?

Why should the U.S. Navy risk a clash at sea by making us a party to these latest quarrels halfway around the world?

But how is that vital to us, 8,000 miles away,
on the other side of the Pacific?

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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