2001: eye exam, improve vision by diet, lifestyle

Doctors will sell you all kinds of expensive “cures” that often make you sicker.
I was offered a medical marijuana prescription in 2001 for glaucoma.
I declined. I have no interest in taking any drugs especially illegal drugs.

Eye health can be improved by diet and lifestyle.
But I would try marijuana before surgery or other modern artificial drugs.

Back then they did not know how to adjust IOP pressures for thick corneas.
My eyes have thick corneas – blue nordic eyes must be thick to protect from cold air.
Jungle people have thinner corneas with temps near 98 degree body temperature needs less insulation.
Blue eyes reflect light so you can see what you are doing in the winter with little or no sun much of the year.

After 17 years not much change in eyes except when using computers too much.
Stay off computer improves vision.
Better diet improves vision.
Natural sunlight improves vision.
Flat screens, ipads, ipods, cell phones are worse than the old CRT screens.
Most vision problems can solve by natural methods or just live with and still see ok.

Date: February 10, 2001

I spent 3 hours at optometrist today for complete exam
Optometrist found:
mild glaucoma hi IOP,
dry eye syndrome,
cold air damage,
a heart murmer.

I was surprised he could tell so much.
Basically my eyes are fairly good
but I need pay attention to diet
and avoid sun
and avoid freezing,
and take lutein, glucosamine sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate. etc.
All sorts of good chemicals are found in vegetables.

Will get 2 kinds of glasses, one for regular use – distance, another for computer.

I should avoid beans, coffee, tea, apples, oranges, and acidic foods.
Avoid sugar, beef, shrimp, lobster
Can lead to high uric acid and arthritis.
My weight gaining diet used lots of beef and sugar — probably caused the gout I had in 1998-99
I am giving up beef anyway.
Mad Cow and all the problems of CAFO modern meat.
Back to normal vegetarian diet.

The cataracts I probably got from the bright sun in Lake Tahoe,
along with the freezing eye problem and
dry eye due to low humidity at high altitude.

Coffee and tea are diuretics and also probably worsen the dry eye syndrome
because I don’t drink much water this time of year.
I quit coffee and tea for the summer anyway… too hot, and will quit again easily.

Allergies are probably unavoidable around here,
but it is the first time I have been diagnosed.
Evidently minor.

Uric acid from sugar, beans and beef causes gout
(forms crystals in the big toe and joints.)

Will often progress to full blown arthritis.


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