Fake News: Trump warns North Korea threats will be met with fire and fury

Fake News
Anti-missiles they were talking about back in the 1960s some systems 100% kill rate. North Korea easy to stop.
When North Korea launches a missile then launch an anti-missile from a ship.
Chase it down and blow it up far out in the stratosphere where pieces will fall into the sea harmlessly.

North Korea poses no risk to Hollywood Jews or New York Bankers or any USA target.

Fake News is designed to distract you from herbs, spices, vegetables, miso, natto, soy sauce
So you will get sick and support the Obamacare Medicare medical industrial establishment enrich the rich 1%. Electronics makes you sicker while distracting fake news disinformation. Blast you with sugar, salt, flour, junk food ads to make you sicker.

JOHN wrote:


Prepare…. it looks serious. Mad Dog has plans.



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