Alt Medicine. Plants.

I think there is much to plants and Alt Medicine.
Not much money in plants for drug companies because they cannot patent natural plants. So low cost health boost for you if you learn.

Buy seeds and grow your own which was the purpose of my farm that was set up as a ranch. Or find a good source to buy from (very hard to do)
Check your numbers and athletic performance daily to make sure you are progressing. Experiment to optimize.
Move near college with good biochemistry and medical classes. Walk to school.

Trump care will fail as did Obamacare and Bush care because they do not address the causes of bad health.
Sheeple must learn how to cure themselves because the shepherds are idiots and/or corrupted.
Don’t go to doctors or medical establishment until you have exhausted Alt Medical. Learn cooking,
Learn plants.
Learn how to prevent or cure yourself.
99% of common problems are preventable or treatable or curable by yourself with training. If these idiots can do it you can too.
My mother said you can’t learn with your mouth open.

Good interview on free download MP3.


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