Racist Idaho cold ice snow White People: Surfside Beach SC

I enjoyed Lake Tahoe 6222+ elevation very good breathing.
Air was clean – sun sterilized – no allergens, germs, mold, pollution, humidity…
I moved up from San Francisco which has clean air too but Tahoe was better.
SF Fog sea level causes mold and bacteria buildup on drapes, walls, etc.
High and dry is great for health bright sun wide temperature swings fans blow in clean air 12 hours per day.
Coeur D’ Alene 2000 foot elevation is probably not high enough altitude to get clean air
Coeur D’ Alene Idaho is downwind of the Spokane Washington urban area nearly a million people driving fossil fuel vehicles blowing out smog and kicking up dust.
Also downwind of Seattle that is even bigger and smoggier.

Idaho dominated by Mormons flow over the border from Utah fill the south potato diabetes regions etc.
Mormons don’t smoke pot or drink so safer driving walking etc.
But pot smokers can drive in from WA OR CA cause traffic accidents, crime, etc.
My great aunt was the oldest person in Idaho lived in Deary near the University of Idaho and Washington State University straddling the border just south of Spokane Coeur d Aline.
Age 5 I slept in the basement of stone house next to fireplace and bear rug.
2 Universities probably the best areas around there to live.
Coeur D Aline Panhandle region is a suburb of Spokane Washington not as good medical care as Portland Seattle.
A lot of illegal white trash living on stolen Native American Land.
I heard Mormons were / are racist illegals so may be why.


Spokane and its metro area in general, particularly northern Idaho has been stigmatized in the popular consciousness by a number of hate groups that have been set up in and around Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the past.

Low ethnic diversity made the region a destination for some seeking to escape more cosmopolitan cities for a locale with a relatively homogenous, white population.

This trend increased with the arrival of retired engineer Richard Butler from California who traveled to Hayden, Idaho in 1974 to eventually establish a white supremacist church called the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, better known by its political arm, the Aryan Nations.

Aryan Nations recruits and associates were responsible for several hate crimes and terror plots during the mid 1980s and 1990s.

The group went defunct in 2000 when the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a civil suit which resulted in a $6.3 million settlement, which led to the eventual bankruptcy and closure of their Hayden compound.

Another act of hate was the attempted bombing of Spokane’s MLK Day Parade in 2011.

The Southern Poverty Law Center currently lists three hate groups in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene metro areas, in the categories of anti-Muslim, Holocaust denial, and general hate.

The Spokane–Coeur d’Alene CSA had around 698,170 residents

Temperatures above 90 °F occur an average of 19 days annually

Temperatures below 0 °F average 3.5 days a year.

Jo wrote:

Visit in the winter.
Cold places often nice in summer but hell in winter.

People need to be outdoors a lot.
Sun essential for good health.
Walk barefoot on the ground to get needed electrons.

Slips and falls on ice fatal for elderly.

Cold air drives people indoors to spread germs get sick depressed.

More colds in winter as lungs cannot fight off disease germs when dry and frozen.

Idaho has income taxes
Florida does not
Texas does not.
Swim in ocean very healthy.

The Lady wrote:

Coeur d’Alene is predominantly Caucasian somewhere in the mid-nineties so I don’t need to learn foreign languages.

They have cool air in the winter drier or my lungs and lots of biking and hiking and boating.

There’s a bike trail around the lake most of the way and all the way to Spokane which I think is about 25 miles.

Everybody was out and about and thin.

1% of the people in town speak Spanish.

We visited the Kroc Center which has very very Immaculate and clean facilities like the changing rooms with showers which are individual rooms with locks on the doors and as soon as you walk out they clean the room up.

93.8 is Caucasian

1.78 is Asian point for is African-American.

.9 is African-American

mixed race is 2.4%

other races .6%.

I believe Coeur d’Alene was the friendliest place that I’ve ever been to maybe more friendly than North Carolina.

A lot less humidity which is what I’m looking for.

I’m looking to buy a condominium with a room temperature garage doors garage with two car slots.

They have a terrace on the top of the three stories of condos on top of the shops that have beautiful views and is about one and a half miles to downtown Coeur d’Alene along the river bike path.

In our short visit to the condominium complex where 7 of The neighbors who were there friendliest people I’ve ever met and invited us into their condo to see what it looks like because we can’t view ours until mid-august and then we can make a decision.

It is tied up right now with paperwork for us.

Jo wrote:

Lung health needs fresh air.
Good outdoor germs
eat bad indoor germs.
Run big window fans half of the day to replenish house with good germs.
Drugs kill good germs so bad germs take over your body.

White people around here.
Much appreciated.
Weather not bad but not good either.

Hawaii 20% white.
Not enough.
Too far from Disney world NYC DC.
Also warm winters.
Some cool off is nice to kill bugs snakes bad germs or slow reproduction.

South Carolina Beach may be the best weather and people.
Top 10 in the world for friendliness – only such city in USA!
Good location close to everything.

Ru wrote:

96.75% white people.
Wish I was going there!

“Jo wrote:

This looks like the best of the Grand Strand white people.



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