Klaus looks like Professor Hartmann in Germany Simulation book

Outstanding book.
He thinks like me, uses about the same tools, has taught at 7 universities mostly in Germany and California.
Wish I had this book before I learned all this stuff.
Useful reference for everybody.
Seems to be no competition.
Very well written.
Amazing amount of work, actual code, screen shots, fonts, paper, superb book manufacturing.

Needs to be many such books with additional topics.
Computers have been around a long time
People need to use computers for real work,
not games, music, movies, tracking, hacking, spying, etc.


Big Practical Guide to Computer Simulations
2nd Edition
By Alexander K Hartmann (University of Oldenburg, Germany)

This book teaches you all necessary (problem-independent) tools and techniques needed to implement and perform sophisticated scientific numerical simulations.

Thus, it is suited for undergraduate and graduate students who want to become experts in computer simulations in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science and other fields.

• Programming in C, basics of C++, Python, make, shell scripts

• Software engineering, computational provenance, version management

• Debugging: gdb, memory checking, profiling

• Standard algorithms: iteration, recursion, divide-and-conquer, dynamic programing, backtracking

• Advanced data structures: lists, trees, heaps, graphs

• Libraries: standard C library, STL, GSL, self-written libraries

• Randomness: probability, discrete and continuous random variables, pseudo random numbers, inversion method, rejection method

• Data analysis: estimators, confidence intervals, histograms, resampling, plotting, Chi-squared test, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, ROC analysis, principal component analysis, data clustering, maximum likelihood, fitting

• Presentation and publishing: gnuplot, xfig, Povray, LATEX

Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering or physics.

Also experienced researchers in these fields who start with computer simulations.

Mar 2015
• USD $108.00

• USD $62.00


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