Beach sun health. Military. South Carolina

90/55 my blood pressure yesterday feels great
I rarely measure because it is usually below 99/66 goal after I reduced salt
Processed food is usually adulterated with cheap salt buy by the ton for spreading on roads
Paleo people living inland have no access to salt, really don’t need much, millions of years.

Blood pressure should be 2 digit, like most measures:
66 or below goal for diastolic blood pressure.
66 or below kilograms for weight, 144 pounds is too much, need to lose weight.
66 or above for height in inches as people shrink with age.

Walk to gym and beach daily to stay in shape, peer pressure
Useful beaches on East Coast near the best medical care if SHTF.

Get a medical education ASAP everybody before SHTF.

The military is good for young people to travel around and see new places
Military also helps with educational expenses and gives experience
MDs and other health professionals often get military help in exchange for service
Help muslim jihadis see Allah ASAP.
Many skills needed to win the war.
Sick will lose the war.

Myrtle beach South Carolina and other east coast has a lot of military nearby.
Some beaches stay warmer in the winter so beach more useable, especially Florida.
But Florida is very crowded with locals plus tourists, and too far from DC NYC Boston.
Myrtle Beach is more remote from big population centers than other east coast beaches.
Big summer season but more quiet the rest of the year and not too cold.
Good balance.
Much closer to big cities than Hawaii and a lot cheaper, more traditional, old American culture.
Many assets:

Myrtle Beach international airport.
60 miles of beaches.
Beach houses, condos – 60 miles along the beach.
20 golf courses and attractions.
Medical College.
High rated hospitals.
National Forest.
Party colleges.
Huge shopping. Malls. Outlets.
1800 Restaurants.
500 hotels.
Train local area and Amtrak.
I-40 to Los Angeles. Flagstaff. Albuquerque. Arkansas. Oklahoma City. Nashville Tennessee.
I-95 to DC. NYC. Boston.
Best medical care in USA.
Disney world
The Northeast megalopolis is the most heavily urbanized region of the United States, running primarily northeast to southwest from the northern suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts to Washington DC in Northern Virginia. It includes the major cities of Boston, Providence, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., along with their metropolitan areas and suburbs as well as many smaller urban centers.

2000, the region contained 49.6 million people, about 17% of the U.S. population on less than 2% of the nation’s land area

grow to 58.1 million people by 2025.

Business ventures unique to the region have sprung up that capitalize on the interconnectedness of the megalopolis, such as airline shuttle services that operate short flights between Boston-New York and New York-Washington that leave every half-hour, Amtrak’s Acela Express high-speed rail service from Washington to Boston, and the Chinatown bus lines, which offer economy transportation between the cities’ Chinatowns and elsewhere


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