Chromebook Re: smart people use dumb phones and avoid electronics

I got a $10 T-mobile dumb phone, same number for 7 years.
Never turn it on.
Carry for emergency only.

Get gmail
Then click right top menu to
Get a google voice account with a second number.
Then get hangouts to link the T-mobile number to the google voice number All free from google.
Free outbound calls.
Free inbound calls to either number gets converted to text emails if you are offline.

I got a $120 EPIK chromebook from Walmart online.
Works great.
Any good laptop will work.
Make all phone calls thru the chrome book google hangouts.
Go to university to use free wifi or other free hotspot with high speed. Call Quality is better than cell phone.
Wifi is safer than cell phone – much weaker signal that only strong for a few yards. Cell phone must blast way out to a cell phone tower.
Dont have any cell phones turned on at home.
Get a rotary dial phone if you must have a phone at home.

Most of the time use email thru wifi to communicate.
Don’t turn on cell phones except in emergency.
Most people prefer email to phone calls – less disruptive.

iPads and iPods with wifi only are an interesting expensive option. can keep in airplane mode or turned off when not in use.
but No keyboard, so do this after have laptop setup.

On Jul 24, 2017, at 11:53 AM, Jeffrey wrote:

Trying to find cheap low use payasyougo phone ,cheaper than tracfone, cant find dumb phone for free freedompop service, looking to move far way from wifi, cell towers( high energy waves from more and more smart phone useages), smart phone transmissions are bothering me also bad ( worse since they changed frequencies? ), need a way to communicate with relatives mostly.

On Friday, June 30, 2017 5:56 PM, joe wrote:

I am trying to go back to dumb phone.
I tried a Smartphone for over a year, unlimited phone, text. data. Not very useful but ok for some tasks.

Further smart phones are bad for health.
How to shut down the phone circuits?
Just use wifi circuits?
Seems not possible.

Especially crazy since I make / get less than 1 call per month! I do use a few apps so get data plan but use only a few GB instead of unlimited. I hate texts but seems to be no way to shut them off on most phones. I want phone and texts to shut off when not in use – that is most of the time! Just use data plan 2 gb per month.

tentative FACTS:
1. Phones are Bad for health. Phones have to power way out to a cell tower. 2. Wifi is safer, lower power does not go far.
3. bluetooth safer yet, weak signal, does not go far at all.

thinking about trifurcating.

1. Use wifi device mostly as I have lots of free wifi everywhere.
Probably a new ipod touch which is a lightweight iphone without the phone circuits.
can get inbound phone calls to the dumb phone via google voice, and make outbound phone calls.

2. Get rid of smartphone.
Carry tough small light dumb phone for emergency.
and occasional outbound phone calls.
Leave phone turned off 99% of time – when not in use.
I did that for years, worked fine.
I still have a dumb phone turned off most of the time Tmobile. Occasionally I dial into the voice mail to see if there is any messages -rare.
set it up with google hangouts that I have disabled on my disconnected smart phone.

3. get a real AM FM SW weather radio for occasional news, storm warnings, etc.

4. get Sennheiser quality bluetooth over the ear noise cancelling headphones. Use that for the ipod and maybe the AM FM SW radio.
Also can get inbound phone calls in quality over google hangouts, and make outbound phone calls, via wifi. I think it can use a microphone too for quality vocal outputs. Dont want to get device near my head to hear or speak into it. Use headset to do that, safer.

Virgin mobile has incredible deal on iphone LE unlimited plans! but I don’t need it and don’t want to risk health problems from phones. I used Virgin mobile before and liked it,
an interesting company to have good relations with,
including an airline in case SHTF get out of USA!

Mostly keep electronics turned off and out of the house, safe sleeping area.
For computers use big iMac with hard wire high speed connection over at the university.

Thinking of moving to less dense populated area.
I am in large crowds almost all day, blasted by wifi, cell phones, bluetooth, germs, noise, traffic,… Hawaii beach sounds great.
Or high dry Wyoming zero tax red state for red people.
Throw away everything get ready for SHTF or prevent SHTF in a better homeland.

The HD 4.30 features a 3-button smart remote conveniently located on the cable,

which allows you to control music and take calls with ease,

and the sturdy folding design makes these headphones durable and compact enough to be taken anywhere.

The HD 4.30 comes rather comprehensively equipped:

You get a single-sided tangle-free cable with an integrated 3- button remote plus inline microphone, which lets you control your music, and make and take calls.

It is optimized for either Apple iOS (HD 4.30i) or Android devices (HD 4.30G).

Soft premium leatherette ear pads will keep out much of the noise around you as you listen to your music or the voice at the other end of the line – also, they make long listening sessions a pure joy.

As for convenient storage, just fold the headband and put the HD 4.30 in the soft pouch it comes with.


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