I shook hands with the governor today – ex Navy Seal Republican

I shook hands with the governor today
and thanked him for leading the opioid crisis conference.
I intercepted him at an exit before he got swarmed.
I was going to launch into a discussion on drug dealing in the local area.
Or maybe my plan to cure the drug crisis.
But not enough time, not the right place, or the right people.

He gave a nice short speech.
Quite an entourage of muckety-mucks and bodyguards.

Lots of cops in the audience who have to face problems caused by drugs.
Cops have to carry drug antidotes for themselves because some are so potent even touching the powder can kill.
Much of the crime caused in the local area is drug related.
Sheriff says most comes from Mexico, the worst made in China high-tech.
St. Louis cops just seized enough to kill everybody in the state, LA, NYC, and Chicago.
One shipment.
A few years ago Opioids were rare, now everywhere.

Medical speakers talked about large fraction of emergency room was drugs.
Huge medical costs.

Business speakers talked about accidents, absenteeism, and cant find hires with skills who can pass the drug test.
Yellen Federal Reserve/ Goldman Sachs study that half of those dropped out of the labor force are on drugs.
Cant have a decent economy with so much drugs.
Why iPhone Androids are made in countries with less drugs due to severe penalties.

This is the second opiod conference I have attended this year.
Shockingly nobody has talked about money laundering.
These huge criminal Mexican operations do not work for free.
They get paid well, live high, buy fancy houses in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC.
And emigrate to USA legally where they can be safe.
Or live like Kings in Mexico where they get bigger, stronger, and richer.

Stop money laundering and the flow of money to drug dealers and you will stop the opioid crisis and other drugs.
There are easy fixes to the monetary system that would make drug transactions much harder.
Proper accounting is very important.
And prosecution of those who break laws on accounting.
Amazing with fancy computers in the information age so much needed information is hidden instead of revealed.
If criminals can steal, deal drugs, not pay taxes,.. without consequences then more people will be attracted into that lifestyle so crises will accumulate.
USA needs to get serious on accounting, computers, basic math…
Put a stop to the money flow that pays for drugs.
Also get control of the borders to stop the flow of drugs from Mexico and elsewhere.


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