Hawaii healthy long life Re: 3 dead in fire in Honolulu high-rise apartment building

High rise fire Fake news for the poor 99%
Hoax to scare sheeple away from the most survivable locations. Rich 1% want to keep Hawaii for themselves.
Live long on the beach.
Exercise daily in the sun, year round.
Eat the best local fruit, nuts, coffee….

Check out Hilo on the big island.
Second largest city with university and hospital.
The largest farmers market on the Hawaiian islands.
Everything grows year round – lots of agriculture on the big island. Cool breezes, windward side.
Pahoa suburb of Hilo has small tracts of land, sort of a hippy area, retirees from the 60s era, gardening, etc. I was looking at it 10 years ago but too remote and isolated. But is the most survivable location on planet earth.

Sunny side of the big island is where they run the iron man triathlon. More upscale with airport and resorts but downwind of vog.

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