genetic disease. How Cancers Develop

Much knowledge about sugar disappeared with the evaporation of the German research establishment circa WWII I read that some Nazi scientists were actually kidnapped???!!!

Before USA Civil War negro slaves provided sugar and USA also knew about sugar dangers:
“We are the greatest sugar consumers in the world and many of our diseases may be attributed to too free a use of sweet food.” New York Times, May 22, 1857.

Focus on sugar the important problem.
Everybody is dying from several fatal diseases caused by sugar. Preventable and reversible by complete elimination of sugar.
Also avoid gluten, flour, white potatoes, refined carbohydrates, GMO, CAFO, artificial chemicals, etc. Read the 3 books by Gary Taubes.

I would ignore articles on genetics until more research is done. That will a few decades.
You will need to learn CRISPR to change your genes that are harder to change your your diet.
I highly recommend everybody to get a degree in genetics that includes a lot of the biology that you need to know for survival.
And a lot of math and other science and ability to understand people, plants and animals around you that are also headed for destruction. Read real books printed on paper.

J. C. JOHN wrote:

From The New York Times:

A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop

Researchers set out to solve a puzzle that has baffled cancer investigators: Why do many cells that have cancer genes never turn cancerous?

Zebra fish in the lab of Dr. Leonard Zon. The tiny transparent creatures allow researchers to see cells and organs without cutting the fish open.

Shiho Fukada for The New York Times

It was just a tiny speck, a single cell that researchers had marked with a fluorescent green dye. But it was the very first cell of what would grow to be a melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Never before had researchers captured a cancer so early.

The cell was not a cancer yet. But its state was surprising: It was a cell that had reverted to an embryonic form, when it could have developed into any cell type. As it began to divide, cancer genes took over and the single primitive cell barreled forward into a massive tumor.

Those were the findings of Dr. Leonard Zon of Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Charles K. Kaufman, and their colleagues, in a study published Thursday in the journal Science that offers new insight into how cancers may develop.

The researchers stumbled on that first cell of a melanoma when they set out to solve a puzzle that has baffled cancer investigators:

Why do many cells that have cancer genes never turn cancerous?


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