sugar disease vast conspiracy

Over a billion dead and dying people already
Over a hundred trillion $ cost
My estimates.
It is getting worse!
Ignore small problems, solve the big problem especially the SHTF inside your own body.

Diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, dementia, heart attack, arthritis, cavities, obesity, gout, colitis, Crohns, MS, autoimmune diseases, gallstones, thyroid, varicose veins,… and other “diseases of civilization.” Implication is you can cure these diseases and prevent them entirely. Most of my relatives died from such diseases.
I remember how I felt some syndromes coming on and autocorrected slowly but fast enough so have none of these now but still need to make some changes.

I am reading “The Case Against Sugar” on the biggest conspiracy theory in history that you can read about easily. Well written and documented amazing details on
Conflicts of interest.
Money in politics and think tanks.
Stupidity in Universities
Stupidity in Big Government.
That still continues!
100 pages of footnotes so you can often look up the source documents and videos

Diabetes pandemic began circa 1888.
Negro slaves were imported into the Americas mostly for sugar cane early on. England the worst hit by diabetes early on in the British Empire.
By 1888 many other countries could afford sugar, beets, fossil fuels… and lifestyle spread.
After WWII even Arizona native Americans got sugar after they joined the military and worked in war material companies.
Went from strong healthy hunter gatherers to the most diabetic race …. soda pop, candy, cookies, cakes… with all the diseases. Well documented.
Happened all around the world as countries Westernized.
Great epidemiological summary

3 book sequence all available on real paper fairly cheap.
Sell your TV radio computer to save money and get smart.
Ignore the liberal news media Russia ISIS Syria
Confront the reality of your own SHTF extermination if you do not change your diet.
Gary Taubes — Author of The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat, Good Calories Bad Calories


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