social security – when to collect – age 70

You do know that if you start collecting social security you will immediately be hit with more federal taxes and probably more state and local taxes as well.

Further, if you collect prior to full retirement age 66 you pay additional penalties for working, I heard.

These are immediate $ losses to you.

Further, if you do collect before age 70 your check will be reduced for life. Further any survivors checks will be reduced for their life as well.

Generally you do not want additional taxes and penalties or additional paperwork of any kind.
You do not want to trigger any additional paperwork, logins, or any government interactions. Stay invisible as possible.

Just keep on working until age 70 when you are forced to do something.
Keep pumping money into a wide variety of investment vehicles sponsored by a variety of entities.
Especially instruments that are tax favored, and have a better chance of surviving. Diversify your risk.

Kotlikoff explains in his book why you want to wait until 70 to collect social security. I am not aware of any more clear explanation accessible to lay persons. His logic is checkable against source documents.
It is actuarial, not forecasting hocus-pocus.
Before that he wrote a book on the increasing government debts .
He would have read his own book and figured out how that would impact social security.

People will not be able to sort thru disinformation pumped out by pundits on inflation, debt, value, fraud, accounting…. Most of that verbiage is rigged to fleece the sheeple by herding them into money losing investments. Especially verbiage that involves fractals, fibonacci, nonlinearity, inflation rates, valuation, emotionally charged default probabilities, or most anything that involves mathematics. Sheeple cannot understand math or even think logically. Most of the math is wrong anyway, even nonsensical to real mathematicians, just designed to be attractive deception. Graduate training in finance, actuary, decision theory, etc. can help but still errors remain in much of that literature. Access to quality models will cost you millions of dollars. If you have hundreds of pages of handwritten mathematical analyses and thousands of lines of computer code that can stand up to backtesting you thinking may be able to compete in the game.

Even worse is anything involving government bankruptcy procedures, trust funds, government accounting, government funding procedures and manipulations, and prospective changes in these. It is a moving target that takes teams of highly paid lawyers and economics Phds to work with politicians to figure out what the current state is and how evolve these laws and procedures. Even billionaires have trouble influencing the deep state and allied bureaucrats, nonprofits, big companies, think tanks, etc. You will for sure lose at this game so don’t play it.

Instead concentrate on work and survival.
Bypass conspiracies deflating your health and wealth, many of which are well documented public information.
Grow your brain by a wide variety of work with a wide variety of retirement programs.
Without proper diet and exercise you will not survive at all, nor will your heirs and dependents.

Move to an environment with clean air, water, and good weather so you can exercise outside. Hawaii is the best.

Get mobile and stay mobile.
Current passport in hand with degrees, licenses, credentials, documents in the cloud.
Hawaii is closest to both the northern and southern hemispheres, air water accessible if you need to escape Hawaii is far from most SHTF if you have to stay put.
Hawaii is the only choice for USA survivalists.


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