Nukes C inflammation protein: The Myth of High-Protein Diets

Kim will not waste nukes on Alaska that has more large animals than people or $.
Kim will wait until he can kill Hollywood Jews or at least enough accuracy to hit somewhere the Los Angeles Basin.

When I was in the military I was worried I was making a pest out of myself about nuclear weapons.
Russia, China could smuggle in suitcase nuke, dirty bomb, or something into NYC DC etc.
My colonel seemed to think there were safeguards but it was hard to find anybody assigned to the project.
(We were working with MITRE and other MIT research and high tech vendors on route 128.)
I still think there are not enough Geiger counters and am working on a related patent and a big book or series of 5 smaller SHTF books.
Radioactivity can be measured more easily and cheaply than many medical problems and food hazards.
What can be measured cheaply and safely ought to be measured as a fundamental social information building block.

I agree it would be hard to find foods similar to what our ancestors ate in today’s manufactured food environment. I will add that it is hard to find out who your ancestors are. The it is hard to find out what anybody’s ancestors ate.
I was an anthropology major in college before economics and finance. Then what ancestors ate may not have been optimal for their genetics. The issues are not settled or even researched very much – no $ in it.

I agree most people get too little exercise.
Not sure what happens to the excess of protein and all the chemicals that come with most high protein foods. Probably not good.
I get less protein than most people, maybe too little for optimal health. I feel benefit from boosting protein after hard exercise.
Soreness goes away much faster.
Carbohydrates and fats do not help much on reducing soreness.

I agree on the problem of carbohydrates and inflammation and plaque on arterial walls.
There is a detailed discussion of this biochemistry in Gary Taubes Good Calories Bad Calories. I will add another problem with sugar, alcohol, fructose carbohydrates –
Those go to the liver where they are converted to small grainy fat molecules that act as sandpaper in your blood vessels that exacerbate inflammation and plaque.
So bread, cookies, pies, cakes, cokes, soda pop are highly inflammatory and damaging to the blood vessels, leading to stroke, heart attack, etc.
Plus they stimulate cancer growth.
Cancer mitochondria run on carbohydrates, fructose, not fats – somewhat defective. So burn your own fat to stop cancer.

Unfortunately I was a carbo loader after converting from weightlifting to marathon running due to injuries. But my scans indicate little damage so I guess I did not get too much.
I avoided carbos and sugar and potatoes since a teenage weight lifter because they are empty calories without enough protein or vitamins. My carbo loading was mostly real fruits, carrots and other vegetables. Occasionally brown rice, whole wheat stone ground or black rye. No desserts, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc.

This summer I have driven my blood pressure below 99/66 most days. High blood pressure is caused by scarring and plaque on arterial walls. Blood vessels should be soft and pliable like rubber.
Not steel and concrete and calcium plaque buildup.
Arteries need to Flex under pumping.
Need to dilate under Nitric Oxide so the red blood cells can squeeze thru the tiniest capillaries. Otherwise brain cells do not get enough oxygen and will die – dementia. The whole body will die.
Diabetics get amputated, etc.
Immune system gets involved.
There is a term “metabolic syndrome” referring to the myriad of related diseases caused by junk food and lack of exercise.

Walk into the grocery store and you will see what people buy. Or a cafeteria.
Then understand why many want Obamacare, medicaid, or some other way for healthy eaters to pay for diseases of junk food eaters. Economic growth nowadays is the process of creating and treating more disease.
Need to shrink the junk food economy, fossil fuel economy, and medical industrial establishment.
Find some way to make people garden, cook, walk, hunt, gather, so that they will stay healthy.
Gardening and cooking is a full time job that you don’t get paid $ for, usually. Bad for the economy, good for people.

Ron wrote:

Most persons get too much protein because they get too little exercise. The body can only process 40-50 grams of protein per sitting. A vigorous workout involving major muscle groups should be followed by a protein meal. (Sources: Dr. Michael Eades, Bill Pearl, former Mr. Universe and author.) One should not tear down a building to be rebuilt without providing adequate building materials. High carb diets cause inflammation as simple carbs like sugar are metabolized in the bloodstream. Such inflammation causes the formation of plaque tissue binding to arterial walls. Much of this inflammation however can be countered with high dose 3000+ mg Ascorbic acid and other anti oxidants. The term “natural diet” today is an oxymoron. Most foods are laden with pesticides, GMOS, etc. Organic smorganic. One does not know what they are getting in food even with labeling. Government regulators historically are bought off by corporate interests. Best approach is a high tech diet infused with nutrients based on independent current research that promote the immune system and provide a shield against oxidation. Not attempting to replicate what one feels our ancestors ate using food marketed today. What is the current radiation levels of food after several years of Fukishima? Academics will not touch this issue for fear of not getting tenured. The Fresno Bee reported shortly after the Fukishima disaster that radiation levels in milk from herds near Berkeley, California were up 100 times from the year before. Then a press blackout on Fukishima occurred. Please with all due respect look outside the box.


Joe wrote:
I exercised all day Monday
Including hard stretching and weights.

Was so tired and sore I only walked 4 miles Tuesday. 4th

Found whey at Target no sugar or sucralose! Also vitamins and probiotics. Had 4 scoops feel much better today. I Need extra protein due to hard exercise. Whey has less calories than peanuts my main protein food. I need to lose 10 pounds of fat.

Most people get far too much protein. I study students at cafeteria. Many will get sick and die Young. Hard to believe Hamburgers hot dogs pizza pasta desserts I never touch.

Ornish. Danger of protein.


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