Ponzi collapse SHTF civil war pandemic Re: WETBACKS BY STATE

Looks like poor states cannot afford illegals.
Rich states are magnets for illegals eager to get $$$ fiat money. Rich get richer off illegals.

Rich people boom the economy by:
Hire illegals to do the dirty hard dangerous work that requires less education. Fire white trash and negroes who will not work as cheap as illegals. Give out welfare benefits to appease the loser negroes and white trash. Welfare also attracts in more illegals too keep the ponzi scheme going. Illegals also reproduce like rabbits and destroy the environment. Encourage conflicts around the world to create refugees.
Encourage lawbreaking, murder, rape, robbery, crime of all sorts Encourage, hysteria, novels, music, media hysteria, emotionalism
Encourage drugs, junk food, electronics, prostitution, that sickens and dumbs down the population.
Encourage conflict between the multicultural multisexual multiracial groups in society.
Encourage political divisiveness fake news conflicts between left and right to hide the true divisions. Keep attention directed away from how the rich set up the rip off system.

Illegals will vote to make it easier to attract in more illegals, more welfare, more environmental destruction, and all the social problems that caused them to flee their homelands.

Eventually the Ponzi scheme will crash.
Civil war, economic crash, environmental crash, complete ecosystem crash, or depopulation by pandemic or SHTF. But the rich don’t care.
By then the rich will be richer and collect fat early retirement checks and have left the state.
The rich were originally illegal themselves and have no desire to return to their homelands.
Hide out in Hawaii or some other island paradise where they can start a new Ponzi scheme.

This article should have ranked the states by the second column percentage of the population that is illegal.
Indicate the more legal states which might be less impacted by the catastrophe scenarios.
Statistics on illegals are dubious, biased but the overall pattern probably useable

Steve wrote:



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