practical secure email computer protect yourself

I got a new stealth black laptop computer Lenovo big screen. Immediately converted from Windows 10 to Linux Mint Cinnamon. Mostly for using free wifi anywhere.
No important logins or anything personally identifiable in case I get hacked.
Minimize hacking and tracking of me but still be able to use online for news, research, etc.

I am already tracked thru my iPod, 2 phones and main computer iMac. and soon to buy a chromebook.
Will use chromebook for all things google which is the most secure online popular computer so can risk logins to banks etc. Keep it physically locked up and hidden when not in use.

Still working on my old email accounts some of which do not work well Apple Google cloud breakdown hurricane. May be time to try proton mail, encrypted.
Swiss ultimate privacy.
Go naked without backup email.
If forget your password you lose the account!
Be brave
Take the leap into the unknown
Take the leap
ProtonMail – Sign Up.pdf


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